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2014-07-27 @ 13:00:54

Cassandra kauionalani Cardoza

I always felt energy and other Worldy sense . I am having trouble on focusing without having visions , hearing conversations, phrases,music inspiration . I have a voice in my head that just says one love music do your purpose . hard time cause I feel alone . I feel I am transmitting channels of universe energy.massage therapist for 9 yrs

2014-07-25 @ 10:36:38


Your Highness Drunvalo.
In the Episode 6 of your Q&A videos you say that it's useless to know about other universes. But there's THE URANTIA BOOK, about which I'd like you to give your opinion and tell me about the authenticity of that book, whose authors and supposed to be from even other universes. Thank you so much.

2014-07-25 @ 10:20:56

Travis Di Pasquale

Long Island New York.

Hello Drunvalo I needed help regarding karmic debt. How does one properly work to seek repentance for past misdeeds and crimes ?


2014-07-25 @ 07:45:50

Nicholas Edward Kelly

Dear Brother,

My Birthdate is June 16 (616) on 6/16/68 (666) otherwise known as 010 in computer binary code. Soon a choice WILL be made that either an end will come or the new beginning of Oneness. I will be assembling the words of the Creator into the New Book that will say Christianity. I just woke up in March The president and pope ignore me.

2014-07-23 @ 15:03:59


Ecuador-South America
Dear Drunvalo.
You gave information about Toth in your book and I'd like you please give any further comment about this. "Thoth left Egypt with his loyal followers and went across the Pacific ocean to Mesoamerica, where he became Quetzalcoatl. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/anunnaki/anu_13a.htm#part%201"

2014-07-23 @ 14:29:37

Chiwa Higashi

Hi Drunvalo
Thank you for all you are doing on earth.
I have a question about creating from Sacred Space of the Heart.
Do any limiting beliefs and family programming that I got from ancestors affect the creation in my heart? Or no mind stuff can affect the outcome when I create from my heart? Thank you so much! I love you, Drunvalo!

2014-07-21 @ 03:26:12


Hi Drunvalo
My name is Tal from Israel,and I would love to here your point of view about the war between Israel and the Hamas at this time.
I'm just trying to find some hope..
love and peace

2014-07-20 @ 22:30:48

Karin, Germany

Karin; Germany,Tuition Member, Question concerning Last 90 degree turn and shift.
Thank you Drunvalo!

2014-07-18 @ 16:20:13

stephen brinkhaus

I live currently 8 hours away from sedona in colorado and really am wondering how to get a hold of you for ascension, I am just like you crystal earth and am fully connected and waiting to hear from you. I am stuck on the streets in the wrong country in a war zone and am not fighting and need assistance. -stephen

2014-07-18 @ 14:53:08


What is the name of the book that you once mentioned that was writen 5,000 years ago and a 108 people related their experiences on the heart ?

Thank you :)

2014-07-17 @ 17:29:07


(part 2)
...window so I'll do a cheeky double submission! The aformentioned brick wall is that everything you're saying I can get behind, and I would like to do my best to get to the twelfth octave of the fourth dimension, and I can believe everything you're saying is true, but my brain is telling me that before I remember all these hundreds of...

2014-07-17 @ 17:20:52


Firstly, thank you for everything you do. Thank you!
OK now the questions! I've watched all the videos on your youtube channel, and now I'm following your advice and reading Flower of Life Vol 1&2, and Living In The Heart. I'm up to page 43 of vol 1, and I've hit a brick wall. I also see I have hit a 350-character brick wall in this windo

2014-07-16 @ 23:36:10

Luis Aguirre

Hi Drunvalo
I have the same question as some body else I keep seeing 1111 2222 111 those numbers on daily basis. What is it about ?

2014-07-15 @ 23:13:42

Karin, Germany

When I meditate I feel my 3 d and my 4 D heart at the same time, connected by a very strong bridge of light and energy. Sometimes both melt in the middle of my chest, and there is this strong feeling of oneness and connectetness. Any advice? Thanks a lot for everything Drunvalo!

2014-07-15 @ 23:08:21

Karin, Germany

Hi Drunvalo, every morning when I wake up, the last thing I realize, before I open my eyes is, that I am coming out of this rotating field of light. I several times trained for the last 90 degree turn, and already the first time, although not wanting to jump into, I experienced, that the field jumped right into my heart. Any explanation for this?

2014-07-14 @ 20:19:44

Joseph Walden

Does the sun have a spiritual force and higher intelligence with the power to give unique gifts? Does the sun empower the flower of life hologram within our solar system? Can human beings manifest holograms which take on the appearance of a multi-colored sphere in flux?
Thanks for being such a great inspiration!
Vista, Ca

2014-07-11 @ 05:05:54

andrea lissenberg

Thanks also on behalf of my daughter of 2 years, her name is Maria Isabel.I have experienced so much misery in my life and my heart is broken in this life and in so many lives.I hope you're right and it will soon be a better place!How can i help my dochter with a broken hart? I want to go with her to the same place! She is mij angel..

2014-07-09 @ 16:44:56


I wonder what must I do to know and be everything Drumvalo does? I'm not very far on this path of MARKABA.
Thank you

2014-07-09 @ 16:23:45


On the 3rd day of ATIH workshop in Q & A section Drumvalo explained how he came on Earth, how he started doing this kind of work.
Please ask him again. I loved it and I can't remember everything he said.
Thank you.

2014-07-09 @ 13:47:37

Q&A 12 With Drunvalo

This is live on July 9th at 4pm.

2014-07-09 @ 12:27:16


As I was activating the beams I discovered that I have 10 of them.The other 2 were streaming through the chin and the corresponding opposite point next to the top of the head.The beam that goes out through the chin is always wobbly as if it doesn't know what to do.It is also kind of inactive,while it's matching partner is active.What do I with them

2014-07-07 @ 21:45:27

Jeremy Danks

Location: Perth Western Australia

Hi Drunvalo, I am constantly seing repeditive numbers such as 11:11,1:11,2:22,12:12,3:33,2:22 etc.. I see these numbers on a daily basis. I've read that this is a way that our spirit guides let us know that they are with us, but im im curious to know if the numbers have specific meanings?

2014-06-30 @ 21:02:51

kevin reno, nv

Drunvalo please clarify about Zero fusion and atomic alchemy regarding radiation (i have read your books "living in the heart" and vol. 1 & 2 "the ancient secret of the flower of life". Jim Humble the discoverer of MMS(Master Mineral Solution) says on his site jimhumble.org that he and a friend developed this technology over a 20 year span.

2014-06-30 @ 20:39:44

kevin reno, nv

Drunvalo, which Christian sects believe in Oneness?

2014-06-27 @ 19:17:32


advice for the sighted:

Hi there, currently I live in New Zealand. I am ready to devote my life to studying the art of meditation and experiencing a permanent change in my life. There's no greater honour than to leave my materialistic life behind and enter a whole new level of consciousness and find out the true meaning of life. what do I do now?


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