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2014-04-02 @ 17:32:37

Ana Medrano-Cruz

Member - New York City - Good morning Drunvalo. I am not sure whether I activated my merkaba during the class. I did have the sensation of floating, but couldn't see any colors. I continue to meditate and have experienced a few times an eye looking back at me. Even blinking in the process. What does this mean? Thank you for your guidance.

2014-04-02 @ 16:10:52


I'm having trouble finding the right spot on the roof of the mouth. I don't seem to have any bump there and can't find a sensitive spot. Not sure if I am going too far back. Plus I find I need to swallow if massaging too long and my tongue gets tired from trying. Any tips?

2014-04-02 @ 16:05:22


You mentioned that to truly understand sacred geometry, it is important to actually draw the shapes.Can you please provide guidance as to how to draw them and resources (books, websites, etc)
Thank you.

2014-04-02 @ 08:33:59


Hello, Drunvalo. My name is Svetlana and I live in Austin, TX. We, on Earth, have Christ consciousness. You, on the other hand, represent the Melchizedek consciousness. What is the relationship between this two? What is the difference? Thank you. Light & Love.

2014-03-30 @ 15:26:14

Elizabeth Hoffman

MEMBER- NASHVILLE,TENNESSEE. Drunvalo, could you give us possible scenarios of the MASS ASCENSION PROCESS? Lost all contact. In our hearts,tip of tongue going. How long do we do this? What does ascension feel like? How long does this take? How does she take us with her? How to program our Merkaba to keep earth's field around us during this process?

2014-03-28 @ 16:39:48

Elizabeth Hoffman

MEMBER-I am from Nashville, Tennessee. Interested in Ascension Process. How do we know when MASS ASCENSION begins? What do we do? Get in our hearts-tip of tongue. How long do we do this? Can we ascend with just our Merkaba and mother earth? If mother earth takes a long time, will we lose our memories? How does MASS ASCENSION feel & how does it work

2014-03-28 @ 09:15:29

Markus, Austria, Vorarlberg

Hello Drunvalo!

I'm a bit confused about the ascension process because you mentioned that we are already in the 4th dimension but mother earth has recreated it that it looks like the 3rd dimension here.
So my question is: why do we have to do all this stuff with connecting heart and brain together etc? Why is that necessary if we already made it?

2014-03-28 @ 00:50:05

Christa Maria Bumm, Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
since long tearms my vision is to settle down in a natural environment to be part of a new kind of zivilisation, I guess in southamerica, free from materialism, woven to the indogen awareness and awake. I speak spanish and used to live in different countrys, and I am part-time enlightened... Can You give me contact to such a group?

2014-03-26 @ 21:55:15


DEAR Mr. Melchizedek,


2014-03-26 @ 12:25:15


Oculus Rift is a virtual reality technology just announced on Facebook. I can't help but feel this is dangerous technology. What do you think? Is the logo sacred geometry?

2014-03-24 @ 15:59:13

Damian Lamartine

Canmore Canada.

re: Video what I mean… from video is how spirit chooses point.

2014-03-24 @ 07:35:08

Kathy Thompson - M

Member - Kathy - Texas
When I looked the schedule over, it's for Feb. Is it still the same?
And will Drunvalo activate our MerKaBas, or will we do it ourselves?

2014-03-24 @ 01:45:30

Tom hutcherson


Or whatever. How in the world can you say, with all sincerity that you have what amounts to "inside information" from Extraterrestrials? The Mexican people have detailed information about them. You've seen them, right How is it you offer not one bit of evidence as to their existence or presence of this planet? What star system?

2014-03-23 @ 17:45:21


Hi Drunvalo,
My name is Rossana, I'm from Chile.Great job you're doing!. My question is about the transition to the next level of consciousness. I know you have talked a lot about it, but I wonder what will happen to the people who have already died, or to those who commited suicide. Will they make it through the same way as the rest? Thanks a lot!

2014-03-23 @ 13:14:55

Holger Biallas

Hi, Drunvalo - what can you say about the gnostic concept of a Demiurg (arch deceiver) and the Archons (mind parasites)?

Are Metatron and Shiva the same?

Thank you and greetings


2014-03-21 @ 11:52:07


Santa Elena de Uairen-Venezuela

Hi Drunvalo, I will appreciate more explanation on the two differences "types" of creation from the heart, meaning: with or without intention, and more precisely this last one: How can we create anything without intention? I ask because i feel very close to creation without intention, but i can't fully understand.

2014-03-20 @ 20:10:38

cody mark frankard

My only question is, I was wondering your recommendations on really good about sacred geometry?

2014-03-20 @ 00:35:34

Marcus S (arizona)

Drunvalo, I'm wondering why you live in Arizona. I've been to Sedona and it is gorgeous, but I'm sure that it not your only reason for being there, curious to know why. Also Sedona is known to draw many creative/spiritual people to the city. You said you created a surrogate merkaba there. Could this be part of that reason they are drawn there?

2014-03-18 @ 13:49:23

Anthon, Ukraine

Hello Drunvalo! Thnx so much for all your work!My question:on your website i have read that this year you will provide people with final step to move from 3th dimension to 4th dimension. When we will able to see it?

2014-03-17 @ 16:51:06

Benjamin Mott

SOR Tuition Member from Brisbane, Australia

I have a New Question!! ;)

2014-03-17 @ 15:43:42

Elliot Holgate - Canberra, Australia

Hi Drunvalo,

I have been practicing your Awakening the Illuminated Heart meditation for approximately one year now & am having some difficulty "seeing" within the Sacred Space of my Heart. In other words, I can get into the Sacred Space but when I ask for light nothing happens.

Many Thanks,
Elliot. H

2014-03-17 @ 12:46:01

Kelsey Olson

Hi Drunvalo,

I loved your short lecture about the story of Michael and Lucifer. It seems as though the luciferian agenda is still REALLY trying, becoming more and more over the top... how is it that they still think they have hope in stopping the ascension? Also, do you have any advice on the art of letting go? :) Thanks!
Kelsey Jo Olson :)

2014-03-17 @ 10:32:26

Lynne Paterson

Blessings Drunvalo,

I can truly understand why Mother/Father God allows us free will and grants us many lifetimes to turn from darkness to light. But is there not a point, when an entire species is threatened, by a few dark forces who refuse to return to light, that those beings should be removed and reincarnation permanently revoked? Mass, USA

2014-03-17 @ 03:24:50

Helena Zacharias (Czech Rep.)

Hi Drunvalo,
I also have another question. :-) Me and a group of people want to start a sanctuary for farm animals. The project may take a year, maybe more, to finish. But now I am wondering if it's worth the energy, because it will be solved anyway in the 4D. It is worth to start ANY project right now? I don't like to be passive.

2014-03-17 @ 03:19:11

Helena Zacharias (Czech Rep.)

Hi Drunvalo,
I follow work of the Wisdom Keeper Kiesha Crowther, known as Little Grandmother. She says that we cannot go to the 4th dimension if we don't change the ego consciousness to love consciousness on this planet. If we don't change it, we will be removed, because we are killing Mother Earth.
Could you please tell me your opinion?
Thank you!


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