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Drunvalo Melchizedek Q&A Participation

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2016-06-16 @ 03:57:24

IO Alberty

Real quick important question. Did you ever clear up energy imbalances in Germany, from affects of the third reich in WWII? If not do you believe there to be energy imbalance?

2016-06-14 @ 18:12:09

Gabriela Garnham

Palmas de Ocoa, V Region Chile .

What should I know now? My purpose in life is to collaborate with people health .

how I can meet you ? do I need it?
Thanks, Gracias


2016-06-14 @ 09:29:28

Martin Pera

Hi, my name is Martin. I'm from Sweden.

Are you aware of "Creation War" (Source Spirit War) on the other side that has been rageing since 2012? Did your higherself/spirit guides explained to you about original mother and father gud and the matrix of creation?

Compassion, harmony, equality, honor and justice.
Love and Regards

2016-06-10 @ 13:11:49


My name is Nico and I live in Switzerland. I have recently just moved here and I have been traveling around the world in search for many spiritual answers. I recently have come back from Australia and looking to best utilize my newly gained spiritual insight into the world. I have followed drunvalo's work for a while now and just decided to say hi.

2016-06-10 @ 06:28:37


Santa Cruz, California. Hello! My name is Ezra, recently i have been feeling drawn to a lot of spiritual and scientific information about the universe and the conscious mind to better help me understand these powerful feelings i have been having, such as having recurring dreams of me being from another planet etc. I had some questions to ask.

2016-06-07 @ 15:08:05


I am Holy Now my knowledge and truth is greater than the "Melchizedek" bernard perona lol email ME! @ holynowt@gmail.com I know the living God! All God's, humans and all things live inside of him and because of him they are alive! I will show you anyone who answers me

2016-06-07 @ 09:14:18

Samantha S

From Finger lakes, New York.

What is your view on cannabis? not just for medical reasons but, for just helping add some fun when you're surrounded by negativity or if your bored when you isolate yourself to a place where is only safe happy feelings(only because no one else around you is safe).
I always know i don't NEED it though.

2016-06-03 @ 22:42:52

Mitch Walleser

Hi Drunvalo, I am writing a story about the existence of extra terrestrial beings and how the narrative has been largely misunderstood. I am trying to find a way to build upon the global awareness for interdimnesional guidance, and was hoping to chat for no more than 10 minutes about your three day journey to outer space with the angles. Thanks!

2016-05-27 @ 12:42:52

Malini Rajendran

Hi Im writing in from India, new Delhi.
1. In your Q&A episode-3 you mentioned 8 life times before we become fully human. In Hindu scriptures we are told after 8400000 different Yonis we get to become human.
AS per astrology certain planetary positions in the individuals horoscope indicate this is their last life on earth. pls comment.

2016-05-27 @ 01:26:08


a mexican friend highly sensitive like you and I live in france
we were told by dream and messages to go argentina we lived the same experience you described in the "serpent of light" without having heard of you before is it possible for sofia to meet you or talk to you by skype as there is a strange feeling in hearing you of living the same asus

2016-05-25 @ 11:25:25


Witam!(Pl) hello im Lucas from Poland but i living in uk for last 11y.(start study alchemy while ago) At the beginning I would like to say im big fan of your work,books and everything that you do for mother earth and humanity, but today I have bit different question from alchemy to be exact, about ORMUS! what u think about product? is it safe? thx

2016-05-23 @ 12:25:12

Bryan Labieniec

Hey drunvalo I was wondering if volume 2 of the flower of life is out in stores. I can't find it at any Barnes and nobles in my area. Please let me know ASAP your book is the last step for me completing my meditation

2016-05-19 @ 01:26:40


Drunvalo,No other way to ask you this,not for publ. I live in Switzerland. From '89 to '02 I've been devoted to Sai Baba.The pedophile practises of SB were known to me in 2002. The oldest son of a medic volunteer at P'parthi hospital (living on premises)says to have been abused by SB. Since then I live a shattered life,feeling betrayed.Can you help

2016-05-18 @ 16:05:09

Theresa Ann Garcia, California

I'm not sure what to say except, I have come here to help ascend humanity. I have been aware of this from birth, but have not been ready until now to come forward. I'm being given information and am not sure who to share it with. I have found the one who will fix the energy of the dome of the rock, do you know what I speak of?

2016-05-18 @ 12:18:23

Jerry Delaleu

Hello Mr. Melchizedek,
I wish to ask you of your opinion of an exp. that happened to me while I was younger (15y/o)& to this day (39y/o)burns in my mind. I found myself "w/in myself" though not feeling my normal self knowing what would happen before it happened. Knowing what someone would say before they said it.Does "Excalibur" mean anything to u?

2016-05-18 @ 04:35:29



2016-05-17 @ 13:11:08

Isaura Sanchez Leonardi

Dear Drunvalo,

One day I captured with a camera phone lights (beings) from human scale to the structure of the flower of life. They came over to my bed. Are they angels? I want to send these pictures.I could see they were tranparentes but also could see their structure of hexagons clearly or as a honeycomb.Please, I want an orientation.


2016-05-16 @ 15:38:17

Leewen Zhang

Mr.Melchizedek, I am Leewen From China. God called me to see you here in Sedona. I have traveled all the way from China to San Francisco, drove all the way to LA and finally arrived in Sedona last night.

I know i will need to see you soon.

Thanks. Hope to hearing from you soon.
Leewen Zhang

2016-05-16 @ 11:17:48


Hello, this is Carla from Vancouver, Canada
I was wondering if there is an audio meditation available for the Unity breath as well as getting out of the mind and into the heart, the first two recommended meditations before actually doing the sacred heart mediation.

Thank you,


2016-05-15 @ 23:33:24

Nick Davanzo

Hello Drunvalo,
I have been studying your work for quite some time now and I really appreciate everything you are doing for humanity. I have one question that nobody can seem to answer though and I would be very happy if you could. I would like a brief outline of all 13 systems of the Fruit of Life. Like a list of their titles. Thanks!


2016-05-15 @ 10:01:09

Cynthia Lynn Scott

Hello Drunvalo,
I am wishing to send my love and gratitude to you for all you have provided in your teachings over the years. It seems awhile since I have heard from you and am wishing you well. Blessings of peace for you, Cynthia

2016-05-13 @ 00:39:35

Lucy Phillips

Hi Drunvalo, I am Lucy in Adelaide Australia. Do you offer a service of removing entities from the body? I have recently become unwell and I feel it could be connected. My mum saw an entity enter me as a young baby. I would appreciate any assistance. I love your work. Thank you

2016-05-12 @ 09:31:42


Beautiful day Drunvalo,
i'm travelling in Mexico to learn of midwives the old knowledge about birth and empowerment of the women bodies, and also how to harmonize with men. In the strong tool that is your book of the flower of life you speak about a song that sing the hathors when a child is born. Where i can find it?
Peace and light

2016-05-10 @ 19:30:05


hi drunvalo..

I write you because I want to know if you can help me with something.

with closed eyes appeared to me a blue screen like the sky this screen was surrounded by rinng of light like the esctucture of the flower of life. and in the center was a tornado of fire. do you know whats means?

thanks a lot..

2016-05-09 @ 21:42:35

Abbie W

Midwest, USA.

Hi Dr. Melchizedek,

I found your video on opening pineal antennas while searching for what I understand. In your video, I see you know some about those that are able to just walk up behind and see it immediately. If you have more info yet (yea?), I would like to know please.

Also, you do know your stuff, no worries. Thanks!


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