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Drunvalo Melchizedek Q&A Participation

All questions will be reviewed for relevancy and when approved they will be submitted for consideration and usage during the filming of a Question & Answer Episode. All questions are subject to review and rejection for relevancy.

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2016-03-28 @ 13:20:04


South Africa

I have the desire to learn from you because I feel as if I could use some guidance

2016-03-28 @ 03:44:40


Continues: So the whole meaning I think is that they have disconnected Man from his God (The Sun) by removing the tip of the pyramid.I have read your books and you explain about the flying machine under it, but I'm not sure about it - but if its thrue then to have the Christ conciseness we need to connect the top to finish the triangle!!! God bless

2016-03-28 @ 03:31:08


Hi Drumvalo, its an honor to know you!
Want to ask about very important part on the back of the dollar bill,the pyramid drawing. If you draw the Star of David inside the circle. What you'll see is that the top tip of the Sun triangle (eye) is missing and what is left is the 5 edged star of the Devil and the corners of it go thru letters m,a,s,o,n.

2016-03-24 @ 21:50:36

Joseph Klida

Hi Dru,
I ran into you in Cottonwood yesterday 3/24/2016 had my picture taken with you and I did a small video. I would be overwhelmingly grateful if I could do another interview with you, perhaps 15 or 20 minute segment @ your convenience of course. Topics would be the Emerald Tablets, ascension and the reality of it all.


2015-12-09 @ 17:26:10


Hello Drunvalo
I am from Turkey. Is it possible to contact a Kogi tribe member through dreams? Do Kogi's inform certain people about natural disasters? Thanks in advance you for your answers.

2015-12-08 @ 13:50:35

Theresa Elliott

Baltimore, Maryland
I would to know if you will speak about the 4th way of shifting. I have an idea of what I have seen myself, but would love for you to talk about it.
In Love and Light,

2015-12-07 @ 13:13:39

Mansoor Hussain

it is bit complicated, I have glimpse of something hidden deep inside me. over all I was quite weird in teen age but I know that I am looking something. I could observe something is happening via a different mechanism. I have strong feeling that there is a synchronization issue in my heart and brain. is it true? if yes what should I do?

2015-12-07 @ 10:52:11


Hello Drunvalo, I reed the flower of life one and two. I don't understand all, but something enter in me. I see an angel with sword who stay with me and defend me. He don't speak with me. I lisen confusion voices. I try meditation vipassana and purify myself. I would like help me and humanity for the illumination of Cristian consciousness. Thanks

2015-12-07 @ 08:42:16

Austin Philip Hueth

Hi i am a 18yr old in live in Grants Pass, Oregon. I havent really had my dad in my life but when we did talk in person for the first time in years he told me when he was getting a reading by some girl she told he me and my sister where star children ive been trying to find someone to talk to about the meaning.can you help??

2015-12-07 @ 06:30:19


It's a problem smooking cannabis for expand our consciousness? Or cannabis slows us down? Thanks!

2015-12-05 @ 11:04:00


Hello, in November you tried to talk to me mentally when I was watching and diagnosing the net that you are creating around the Earth. Please, write what did you want. Thankth.

2015-12-04 @ 16:19:47

Dr. Rimaletta Ray

Being overly inspired by your authentic ideas. I've published the book " Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming" on the ways of developing intelligence and raising consciousness. I've also dedicated you an inspirational booster in my last book " My Solar System"/p.166/and I preview the book with your quote. Please, let me know your opinion.

2015-12-03 @ 10:26:33


the person can get the life's prolongation of his biological body. It is sad to walk with silly smile, feeling the impact of the Merkaba without knowing what to do with it. Therefore it is simply unnecessary.
All is simple math.
Alexander 12/30/1961

2015-11-27 @ 13:59:24

Derya Yayik (satoriroshi)

I need to ask a question that is very important for me. a few years ago I saw a pattern. I was in my bed about to sleep. I usually sleep in a dark room. flower of life appeared in my dark room. it was white light. it was like seeing heaven.ıt was the first time I saw it. I searched net and your book come out. what did I see? why did I see it?thanks

2015-11-27 @ 13:34:12

Normand LHeureux and Valerie Simard

Hello Drunvalo,

I received from two Archangels the 7 Seals of Apocalypse. I was designated Grand Fighter of Darkness and Justice on Earth.
With humility, respect and all my Divine Love, for all you are, I'm showing to you two wonderful pendent for the soul given by Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael:

2015-11-26 @ 19:49:32

ray elar

hi...what are ghosts. are they beings from another dimension?

2015-11-26 @ 02:39:51

Helen Alpino

South Africa
Contacting you for a friend.She is an artist+clairvoyant+highly spiritual.Follows Drunvalo.Has had out of body experiences+been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.Is forced to take medication.Is of sound mind but being medicated for her experiences.Is there a safe house where she can go to in SA or US you can recommend?Michaela

2015-11-23 @ 12:57:49

Rosa Schmidt

Dear Drunvalo
This is Rosa from Hamburg, Germany.
I am very interested in your workshops.
Is there a possibility that you also give next time some workshops in Europe or maybe Germany.
Please inform me if new appointments are avaliable.
Hope to see you next time.
Best regards

2015-11-22 @ 14:45:22

Mark Feddersen

My name is Mark,I live in Vinhedo, São Paulo state,Brasil.
I discovered your divinee work for some 3 years ago, and have been listening to your videos,interested.
I wish to know you personnaly.
I cannot travel to Sedona in 2016 ,but wonder if you would be able to come to Brasil, visiting us, doing a workshop.
Thnak you

2015-11-18 @ 16:58:38

Tom Ruen

Hello, I help edit geometry articles on Wikipedia and helped reestablish a Flower of Life article, and looking at Metatron's cube.
I found it is related to 5-dimensional uniform polytope from Coxeter, which may be significant to you. See notes:
Minneapolis, MN

2015-11-18 @ 07:51:16


Hi Drunvalo, I hear that the Giza Pyramids are heating up.
What does this mean for the future?


2015-11-16 @ 14:36:16


I heard that you have a course on the Pineal Activation. I am very much interested in it. Could you tell me more about it?
Ottawa, Canada

2015-11-15 @ 02:02:43

christopher oelrich

Dear sir, how do you do. I awoke, if you will to the truth about the light a few months ago. May I humbly ask what one does from here? Im spinning around in circles looking for answers. Im not comfortable telling anyone around me, no one would believe what has been shown to me. I thank you for your time, Chris in spencer, wi.

2015-11-13 @ 07:49:10


Hello Drunvalo
For 4 years now I have had many astral projections. Most of them unwillingly, In my waking hours I usually don't feel well. Very UNEASY, lightheaded, stomach bloated, muscles thruout my body spasm slightly. Doctors say its all in my head. I DISAGREE.
I believe its more spiritual
Would you have any suggestions ?

thank YOU

2015-11-12 @ 23:07:44

Rodrigo Ruiz

Hi im from México i would just like to talk to someone like you because you'll see im just 20 years old though when i was 18 i went through a REAL HIGH state of consciousness fromonesecondto anothersudenlyiwasawakeistartedtorealize abouteverythingimeanyouknowandwell ineedalittlebitofhelphere iknowihavetomakesomethinggoodwhithallthisconsciousness...


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