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2015-02-03 @ 08:25:01


Hi, Drunvalo. I just wanted to ask you to explain the deja vu phenomena and what is actually happening when we see a vision of the future while sleeping and then experiencing the dream in "real" life. Is it another dimension our consciousness is leaking into? Am I projecting? What is happening??? Or are we creating that future in our sleep???

2015-02-02 @ 14:15:00


In meditation I saw a tetrahedron above my head. I don't know what this means but after that I began to feel these as if the world was falling away beneath me and felt as if my body was vibrating and felt like if my body was moving in an odd way as if half of my body was rotating one direction and the other half the other way. Please explain?!

2015-02-01 @ 10:07:21

José Eduardo

Buen día vivo en México tengo 26 años de unos dias atras he visto imágenes en mi mente muy vividas,de personas cercanas a mi donde les pasa algo malo, despues me entero que si ocurrio en el momento que yo lo vi,mi pregunta es¿por qué me esta sucediendo esto?

2015-01-30 @ 06:55:25


St. Louis, MO

A light of many figures came/spoke to me lasnite. Name was Judah, told me to come with him. I began to levitate to the mass of light beings movin toward light. I rejected as didn't know him, came back to body with deepest
breath. I researched his name n what I found n what he said gives me chills. Im a normal guy, what happened?

2015-01-20 @ 08:01:56


Hi Drunvalo

Tom from North Yorkshire, UK

You mention 'The Secret' movie and book teachings being dangerous because of the polarity your brain creates. What are your thoughts/beliefs on Abraham - Hicks and Bashar? These teachings have helped me tremendously over the years and I want to be sure I am creating positively without the polar opposite.

2015-01-20 @ 04:45:58


Hi Drunvalo, Thank you for taking my question. I am writing from Australia. If there are over two hundred thousand different et;s at present overseeing us, are you in contact with any of them if so would they come on line at least once with you to give us validation.

2015-01-18 @ 09:48:02

Ondrej Sykora, Czech republic

Hi Drunvalo,
I just finished watching an interview you had taken with Lilou Mace. In it you said, that the soul incarnates into 2 people of both genders at the same time. What happens if one ego goes through the ascension process and the other doesn't make it? Thank you for your work, much love, Ondrej :)

2015-01-17 @ 12:19:24

Gema Lopez Lafuente

Hi Drunvale;

Thank you so much for your work here in this planet.

I would like to make you a question. Since I was about 5 years old I constantly see images when I close my eyes. Places, people, things that I don´t know in this live...Could you tell me what they really are or where they belongs to?

Many thanks and best regards.

2015-01-12 @ 14:08:09


Once I "stumbled" onto this website and your videos I felt like I'd found what I was looking for my whole life. I just need some directions on how to continue forward.I am confused about where to start in all this. There's 6 workshops to choose from, of which I have no idea which comes first. Then there's 3 books. HELP!

2015-01-10 @ 12:52:26


My location is Manchester England. My question relates to update 8 in vol2 of Flower of Life. You state that there are three Tetrahedrons around the body and therefore three spins. You state that only spinning the male and female will give a lesser result than desired. So what's the third spin.

2015-01-07 @ 01:25:19

Lukasz Korbanski

Hey! I really love your work and admire what you do. So in your first book you talk about Lemuria and then Atlantis 13000 years ago, but in one of your interviews you say that there was an ice age 13000 years ago. How can this be? Was Atlantis not experiencing this ice Age? Thank You.

2014-12-29 @ 14:28:10

Michelle (Lawrence,Kansas)

Hi Drunvalo,
In one of your videos with Pablo Arellano you say God is going to walk the Earth. Whats that like? What is God like? Do we need to move into the Tiny Space of the Heart for this to happen? Will this happen on its own? Is this the Supreme Personality or the Original God. Only on Earth or throughout created time and space? Why Human Race

2014-12-26 @ 11:32:01


Hi Drunvalo, my guidance communicated that the Earth had her pole shift on Dec 16th/17th EST and I wanted to know if you can verify this. Further the human collective retained their memory and I believe they are being held by a Greater Merkaba or by Mother Earth's Merkaba until everyone are in their light body. Gail (Tampa, FL) Thanks

2014-12-20 @ 02:18:40


Poynette, WI

If Prana or ether is everywhere, where is the void?

2014-12-19 @ 18:03:47

Quentin Howze, Jr.

Auburn, CA.
Some Qabbalistic stuff I read implies ones race affects the effectiveness of certain spiritual practices.

Being African-American, with a few European ancestors, I don't my true, original ethnicity. I have no way of finding out at this point, and I would like to know your take on this opinion.

2014-12-05 @ 00:40:47

anthony smith

i have never heard of you, but i need your help in balancing history. You hold very important knowledge, all i ask is if you could teach me. alovells95@aol.com

2014-12-03 @ 15:03:55

Ivan Perera


I would like to know if you can help me.

I believe that there is a spitut iside this body. I can not do this alone and is getting worse and worse. Don't know what to do.

If you feel something about this, please contact me and I will tell you more details.

I decided to write you after have readen an articule in wich you talk about your ex

2014-12-01 @ 09:04:51

Katelnikov Anton

Please answer a letter that I could, available for themselves, to translate back and get the right knowledge on a given subject.

2014-12-01 @ 08:59:21

Katelnikov Anton

I removed from his head with spiders energy body!
Could you clarify what were the spiders? What is their origin Source? As well as their causes !?

Do not speak English! Because there is no video.

2014-11-30 @ 14:39:34

Eric from Czech Republic

Hi Drunvalo,
I watched a Star Wars trailer for 'the force awakens' (Dec 2015 release) for the first time today. In it, he says: "there's been an awakening...have you felt it?" I then remembered a previous Q&A where you mentioned ~Nov 2015 where the shift is expected to occur at its latest. I found this interesting. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

2014-11-13 @ 17:19:37


Dear drunvalo.

I love your work.I noticed , you know much much more then you speak About.
I really hope and love to be inspired bu the things you do
Not speak about :).

And can't wait till your new book is released.

Amazing knowledge it is.

2014-11-12 @ 10:30:17

Susan Frailey


2014-11-08 @ 17:28:25

lucinda mullin

thank you Drunvalo & Co for your amazing efforts and the unconditional love you are spreading throughout.i am grateful the opportunity to be another instrument in this orchestra, playing a unifying symphony played in the "Key of Love" QUESTION: are you the temporary assignment Melchizedek, credited on pg 518 of "The Urantia Book"?

2014-11-05 @ 18:42:07

Isaac Jessop

In one of your Q&A videos a woman asked a question on the thyroid. You answered and said stuff about how you can control your body temperature with and and so on. I was just wondering where would you find information on this? It sounds very interesting and I would like to study it.
Thank you very much

2014-10-22 @ 02:01:58

Nicu, from Romania

Hello again
I sent earlier a question about the melchizedek symbol and i forget to ask you about something else. One day i looked upon the sun and i connected with him and i saw it blue, like a hologram. What happened exactly ?
Thank you


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