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2015-11-12 @ 14:37:01


hi thanks.do u know if in 4 dimension

are there dangers like animals. if attacked by an animal can u desire it to go away or imagine it caged or yourself far away from it or make yourself bigger

can we take medicinal plants and water

having what u want includes animals, plants or persons.how do u relate to people if anyone creates his own world

2015-11-12 @ 02:34:29

Roman Kolovratek

Hello there,
not sure if I am sending this to the right adresse. I have found a topic written by Drunvalo: http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/apr1/ankhing.htm#top
I am very ineterested in the matter of transformation and saving of sexual energy. I have one question to the topic. Should one ejaculate during the excercise, or not?

2015-11-11 @ 10:53:22

Satya Nkwazi Jones

Hey Dronvalo,I have one question that I would really love to know for my minds sake. When we go through this shift my mind is telling me that I really don't want to lose the memory's of this life. If we were to truly live from our hearts would we still loos our memory's? Thank you :)

2015-03-19 @ 05:27:24


Hi Drunvalo. I am a 20 years old man from Bulgaria. I would like to know how could I activate my third eye. I meditate, but I have not done the meditation for the heart? Thank you, dear Drunvalo. So glad to write to you.

2015-03-10 @ 10:38:20

Jim Waldhaus

Dear Drunvalo,
I have had several experiences of the spirit in my life. The most profound was felt as being in the presence of God .I know in my heart that I want to find ways to return to that place of pure love.Love to learn more to be able to stay in that place. Please recommend what class you would recommend to start .Am a novice.Thanks

2015-03-06 @ 15:52:42

MeTa MeLa

Drunvalo, your presence is so familiar to me. I have felt energy work pass through my heart chakra my whole life without knowing. I came here for this labor of love: teaching/helping & liberation of dense entities, but I have not yet aligned with necessary funds to move forward with training through your seminars. Do you have any advice? St Louis

2015-03-04 @ 07:09:59


Thanks a lot for your help! If the human race for some reason dies out what happens to the souls who have their merkaba not activated at this moment?

2015-03-03 @ 10:13:43

Purvi Jayaaraaj

Hi Drunvalo, I am from Bangalore, India. Could you please give me your mail ID, I have something very important to share with you. Else at least please tell me how can meet you. I have a message for you. Please please please contact me.

2015-03-01 @ 18:24:50

Agustin Fletes

Hi Drunvalo, I read the Flower of life books, is there going to be a book on awakening the iluminated heart? and What will happen if somebody withouth merkaba knowledge just creates a spheric field with the heart chakra energy, you know the classic field, will it stand anything? and was not the grid created so we could recover our memories?

2015-02-22 @ 19:26:08

*OneOfUs* (Daniel)

Hello Drunvalo. My names Daniel (So THEY say) of Australia. What should someone who knows this world is an illusion do when others around are more concerned with Jobs, Relationships, status, materials and such? I'm now aware that I deny LOVE and am learning to show empathy, compassion and forgiveness as much as I can. Do you have any advice?

2015-02-18 @ 13:36:07

Christian Martinez

Hi Drunvalo, just wanted to ask you a quick question. My wife is getting into everything that has to do with crystals and stones and I would like to ask you if there are any books you would recommend on the subject of crystals and the help they might offer with each of our awakenings. Not sure if I explained my self the right way.

2015-02-13 @ 19:16:45


Hi I am a psychic and a medium and i have had the priviledge to travel interdimensionally with a Merkabah. It was such an amazing experience and I would love to do so again and explore more dimensions. Can you please advise what products or mentoring you provide that could help me practice the Merkabah so that i can explore other dimensions.

2015-02-13 @ 13:05:37

love konah child

IN Q&A Episode 11 you said there is only one creator, and we keep rediscovering this over and over as we get closer to the end of polarity, right now i am having trouble getting out of this mindset of polarity and fear, i ask for guidance to remember how to do the unity breath and die consciously, or activate my merkaba, love.

2015-02-13 @ 12:52:26



what lies beyond the great void? or
what is the cohesion or sustain of the great void?

2015-02-08 @ 08:23:43


Hi Drunvalo, Thanks so much for your Job in te planet, I love you.
I am from Chile and my question is, What will happen with the people who cant create the merkaba or die conciently.
What third dimension planet they will have to move, in what condition they will live in this planet?
Thanks so much again and I send you the best energy from CHile.

2015-02-05 @ 13:02:00



2015-02-05 @ 05:46:01

George from Israel

I drew a parallel between the informational systems and chakras. So in my account the platonic solids and the way to construct matter goes along with Muladhara, the waves and music goes with Svadhistana etc.
Could you please tell me the informational system that would go along with Anahata?

2015-02-04 @ 11:10:53

brianne dawn g

I am not sure if this message will get to you and if you read all your messages but i need it to get to drunvalo melchizedek personally please. i have sent you a message on facebook please read it, i have been led to you and seek further assistance. many things are too secretive to reveal online please contact me at your convenience warm regards^_^

2015-02-04 @ 09:21:02

Christian (Florida)

What Yoga do you recommend for helping the awakening process?

2015-02-03 @ 15:43:24


I heard you say in videos & I've read in "The secret of the..." books that someone/NASA loaded the secret geometry patterns and searched the earth and the space using them. I'm very interested to do it myself (with earth maps). Could you tell me about a program or some way I could do it by myself (load different patterns on maps, measure etc.)?

2015-02-03 @ 08:25:01


Hi, Drunvalo. I just wanted to ask you to explain the deja vu phenomena and what is actually happening when we see a vision of the future while sleeping and then experiencing the dream in "real" life. Is it another dimension our consciousness is leaking into? Am I projecting? What is happening??? Or are we creating that future in our sleep???

2015-02-02 @ 14:15:00


In meditation I saw a tetrahedron above my head. I don't know what this means but after that I began to feel these as if the world was falling away beneath me and felt as if my body was vibrating and felt like if my body was moving in an odd way as if half of my body was rotating one direction and the other half the other way. Please explain?!

2015-02-01 @ 10:07:21

José Eduardo

Buen día vivo en México tengo 26 años de unos dias atras he visto imágenes en mi mente muy vividas,de personas cercanas a mi donde les pasa algo malo, despues me entero que si ocurrio en el momento que yo lo vi,mi pregunta es¿por qué me esta sucediendo esto?

2015-01-30 @ 06:55:25


St. Louis, MO

A light of many figures came/spoke to me lasnite. Name was Judah, told me to come with him. I began to levitate to the mass of light beings movin toward light. I rejected as didn't know him, came back to body with deepest
breath. I researched his name n what I found n what he said gives me chills. Im a normal guy, what happened?

2015-01-28 @ 16:51:36

Jean-Maurice Robert

Hi Drumvalo,
London's calling: watching cosmic grace interview:How and how many souls may connect with their inner vision and travel via their heart to unable mankind to raise if there are mathematics and sacred geometry understandings to unable the process.
Even if a small number of enlighten souls can change the current,why can it be simple.LOVE


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