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2014-09-25 @ 11:36:32


Hi Drunvalo. I seem to be channeling music in my dreams. I had few dreams where I've heard orchestral compositions which were impossible to imagine due to the vividity of it. I want to find out how I can control my dreams for this and open up my mind to true potential of my imagination. Thank you. (Turkey, Ankara)

2014-09-23 @ 19:52:15


I've just found your site and will watch what there is on here in the following days. I am wondering however if you know about the ability to see "Om" or whatever you may wish to call the energy of the universe? And how might be the best way to further the understanding and influence of it?

2014-09-22 @ 04:28:46

Jonathan manahan

Hi Drunvalo. Someone saw a symbol floating over my body while giving me some sort of spiritual healing. And that symbol was the golden flower of life, which led me to start reading your book "The Flower of Life". I haven't finished the book yet but my question is what could be the possible reason for the symbol to be floating over my body? Thanks

2014-09-08 @ 00:39:29


Hello. Drunvalo.
Is this 100 people group who is playing with our consciousness with the reptiles is the pleiadeans who "entered our consciousness in 1980's"? Why did anyone allow them to do that? I stated that I am not afraid and since then they are trying to make my life a nightmare, along with reptiles through people's ego (my family's involved

2014-09-06 @ 10:34:41


Hey Drunvalo,

First of all the video you made few years ago, the maya of eternal time, did help me out alot whit questions i had about life so thanks for that.

Further i have a question about weed, did the maya ever mention something about it to you? like any purpose it should have, or when it should be used?

Thanks richard,

2014-08-27 @ 04:02:05

Nicholas Taranto

You said in the last question of Q&A Ep.6 that if you enter the Tiny Space of the Heart, you can call in your Higher Self. To be able to communicate with your higher self through the tiny space, must you still connect to Mother Earth>?

Thankyou so much for your teachings... I hope to meet you in person one day.

2014-08-27 @ 02:40:38

Nicholas Taranto

I am a 14yrold boy living in QLD Australia. I have read both Flower of Life books as well as "Living in the Heart." I have my mind and heart set on going to an ATIH workshop but alas, I have no money. I know where the closest teacher is and can arrange transport but again, I cannot afford the 550$ price tag. I was wonderingifan arangment canbe made

2014-08-19 @ 16:26:29


How can I get the Paqo Andino film?

2014-08-18 @ 10:04:44

Yael Danagn

Jeff and Drunvalo,

Beautiful it engaged my very being; tears of longing and a sense of familiarity came over me. I was immersed in presence of the sound, beauty of the space, and beautiful people. Magnificent work, Beautiful beings, the whole film is amazing.
Thank you for this gift,

I am a member of the S of R. I live in Victoria, BC

2014-08-18 @ 09:59:40


Thank you
For filming this , and for the indigenous people to expose this part of themselves for the benefit of us all.

2014-08-17 @ 17:03:23

Alex Heredia

Hi Drunvalo, I'm from Spain, I would like to know were dogs come from, they say they are the best friend of humans, but we don't really know quite shure the origens, and why have they always stood on our side, loved and protected us, were they created at the same time that we were created? To help us on our journey? Thankyou.

2014-08-14 @ 19:11:55


Dear Mr.Melchizedek:

what will be the result of war that Russia started againsta Ukraine?

Thank you in advance,

2014-08-12 @ 13:59:50


look i am jewish and i have no real problem with that i was just watching the video and the information was new to me interesting to me what bothered me though where these theories are random but don't overlap judaism i am 14 and happy where i am spiritually and i was wondering as a religion what do you call yourself and what does humanity not know

2014-08-09 @ 09:34:49


Hi Drunvalo. can you talk abot easter island?

2014-08-03 @ 00:26:34

Karin, Germany

Certified Tuition Member.
Are Thoth and Akhenaten the same personP
Thanks! Love. Karin

2014-08-02 @ 18:27:59


Hello Drunvalo.

I am from Bolivia and I have been reading and watching you for 3 y, raising my awareness. THANK YOU for all the amazing spiritual work you have done and continue doing for Mother Earth and the Remembering Process. 2q.: 1. what is the role of the Moon in this whole reality and Ascension process? 2. Are there 4-Dimensional Egos? t.y.

2014-07-25 @ 10:36:38


Your Highness Drunvalo.
In the Episode 6 of your Q&A videos you say that it's useless to know about other universes. But there's THE URANTIA BOOK, about which I'd like you to give your opinion and tell me about the authenticity of that book, whose authors and supposed to be from even other universes. Thank you so much.

2014-07-25 @ 10:20:56

Travis Di Pasquale

Long Island New York.

Hello Drunvalo I needed help regarding karmic debt. How does one properly work to seek repentance for past misdeeds and crimes ?


2014-07-25 @ 07:45:50

Nicholas Edward Kelly

Dear Brother,

My Birthdate is June 16 (616) on 6/16/68 (666) otherwise known as 010 in computer binary code. Soon a choice WILL be made that either an end will come or the new beginning of Oneness. I will be assembling the words of the Creator into the New Book that will say Christianity. I just woke up in March The president and pope ignore me.

2014-07-23 @ 15:03:59


Ecuador-South America
Dear Drunvalo.
You gave information about Toth in your book and I'd like you please give any further comment about this. "Thoth left Egypt with his loyal followers and went across the Pacific ocean to Mesoamerica, where he became Quetzalcoatl. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/anunnaki/anu_13a.htm#part%201"

2014-07-21 @ 03:26:12


Hi Drunvalo
My name is Tal from Israel,and I would love to here your point of view about the war between Israel and the Hamas at this time.
I'm just trying to find some hope..
love and peace

2014-07-20 @ 22:30:48

Karin, Germany

Karin; Germany,Tuition Member, Question concerning Last 90 degree turn and shift.
Thank you Drunvalo!

2014-07-18 @ 16:20:13

stephen brinkhaus

I live currently 8 hours away from sedona in colorado and really am wondering how to get a hold of you for ascension, I am just like you crystal earth and am fully connected and waiting to hear from you. I am stuck on the streets in the wrong country in a war zone and am not fighting and need assistance. -stephen

2014-07-18 @ 14:53:08


What is the name of the book that you once mentioned that was writen 5,000 years ago and a 108 people related their experiences on the heart ?

Thank you :)

2014-07-17 @ 17:29:07


(part 2)
...window so I'll do a cheeky double submission! The aformentioned brick wall is that everything you're saying I can get behind, and I would like to do my best to get to the twelfth octave of the fourth dimension, and I can believe everything you're saying is true, but my brain is telling me that before I remember all these hundreds of...


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