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Drunvalo Melchizedek Q&A Participation

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2014-11-17 @ 14:08:06

Torill Elise, Norway

If your chakra’s are totally activated, meaning no hold back of energy flow, will the beams of light be activated automatically?

2014-11-13 @ 17:19:37


Dear drunvalo.

I love your work.I noticed , you know much much more then you speak About.
I really hope and love to be inspired bu the things you do
Not speak about :).

And can't wait till your new book is released.

Amazing knowledge it is.

2014-11-12 @ 10:30:17

Susan Frailey


2014-11-08 @ 17:28:25

lucinda mullin

thank you Drunvalo & Co for your amazing efforts and the unconditional love you are spreading throughout.i am grateful the opportunity to be another instrument in this orchestra, playing a unifying symphony played in the "Key of Love" QUESTION: are you the temporary assignment Melchizedek, credited on pg 518 of "The Urantia Book"?

2014-11-05 @ 18:42:07

Isaac Jessop

In one of your Q&A videos a woman asked a question on the thyroid. You answered and said stuff about how you can control your body temperature with and and so on. I was just wondering where would you find information on this? It sounds very interesting and I would like to study it.
Thank you very much

2014-10-30 @ 21:25:46


Hi Dear Mr. Melchezadeh

I watched one of your great YouTube videos with that sweet French lady. You mentioned about those things in a black suit that came 3 times to kill you.
I would like to know how to protect ourselves.
Since this can happen to any of us ... light workers.

How we need to protect ourselves against these reptiles?


2014-10-29 @ 15:24:20

Ben Ay

Hey Drunvalo
Ben from auckland New Zealand
Just wanted to know if you could explain the 90 degree turn in terms of geometry
And could you explain what you mean when you say you and some people walk into they're body's

I hope this is alright

Thank you very much

2014-10-22 @ 02:01:58

Nicu, from Romania

Hello again
I sent earlier a question about the melchizedek symbol and i forget to ask you about something else. One day i looked upon the sun and i connected with him and i saw it blue, like a hologram. What happened exactly ?
Thank you

2014-10-21 @ 19:14:04

Nicu, from Romania

My question is about the symbol of Melchizedek, 3 circumscribed circles. When i saw it for the first time it started forming a pattern, like the seed of life but i am not sure. Can you say what it means ?
Thank you

2014-10-21 @ 14:33:11

Emmanuel Blalock

Does drunvalo still communicate with thoth? Is it possible for anyone else who pursues knowledge for good to communicate directly with thoth?

2014-10-20 @ 09:06:55

Susan Frailey

I would like to ask you to please formally comment on the Kogi deaths on October 7, 2014. Any information, mamas involved, thoughts, opinions, future of.. and any kind of making sense of this drastic event.
Greatly Appreciated,
Susan Frailey

2014-10-17 @ 12:43:49

Marina Fallgren

First I would like to thank you for all taht I have learned! I wounder if you can talk about the Beams that goes through the heart. You mentioned the other sets of beams at the internet course.
Then if you can talk some more of the Sirius people.
Love Marina

2014-10-17 @ 07:09:50


Dearest Drunvalo

May I please start with thanks for your work, love and kindness. Your knowledge is wondrous and I wanted to ask you for your personal opinion and thoughts on the topic of something that bothers me in my personal life a lot and that is the following ....

I know they have many names but demons and their expulsion

2014-10-14 @ 12:55:01


Hello Drunvalo,
Thank you for opening my heart and completely changing my perception of life and existance.
My question is whether you have had any experiences or know something you want to share with us, your children, about Ayahuasca or more precisely Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

2014-10-13 @ 10:14:18

Christopher in West Virginia

Do you have any input on the male/light & female/dark spiral as it relates to an individuals nature and hair swirl direction originating radially from the apex of the scalp &/or any outward suggestion of an inner nature it may hint towards? I know some people's swirl one way or another according to natural law while others have none.


2014-10-12 @ 08:16:05

Betsy Ryan

Hi, this is Betsy from Ohio. My question is since we are on the cusp of moving into the next dimension, what kind of healing work will be necessary on the other side? In other words, if there isn't any sickness there, focusing on nutrition, for instance, seems irrelevant. I could use some direction. Thanks.

2014-10-08 @ 10:53:14


Dear Drunvalo,
thanks for everything so much. I love you.
In the latest Q&A-Session you told, that the right combination of supplements can help our physical body to be healthy.
Can you explain, what kind of seplements are usefull.
Thank you very much for your answer.
Jürgen from Germany

2014-10-05 @ 12:19:45

Allan Castellanos

Hi Drunvalo, I am Allan from Finland

My question is: Is there some other Merkabas? (different forms), i read somewhere else that there may be other "merkabas" different than the one your propose (more powerful)
I would happy to talk with you by skype :-)

2014-10-04 @ 12:00:34

Darcy Parrott

Noelville, Ontario, Canada. where to migrate next? is an ultimately peaceful civilization possible?

2014-10-02 @ 20:06:05

Josh Wilkerson (dallas,tx)

In volume 2 you mentioned an orange oval above the initiate's head. An aura photo I had taken years ago had such an oval above my head. It was bright yellow and there was a softball sized orb in it to my right. I've never seen anything like it in any other aura photo and no one seems to know what it means. Can you help?

2014-10-01 @ 14:37:26

Luis Daniel

Dear Drunvalo:
I can send my 1st coment in spanish, cause my english is bad, is very important to me this information, in México was exist this regard.
Please read my spanish coment and if you want i can share information about de conception with the moon (13 moons of 28 days for a year like menstruation and the form to make love).
Love LD. Mexico

2014-10-01 @ 14:20:25

Luis Daniel

No tengo una pregunta, tampoco un video, solo quiero compartir algo:
Si tomas con la mano 2 palos rectos, 1 atravesando entre el dedo meñique y el anular - y entre el dedo indice y pulgar; y el otro palo atravesando entre el dedo indice y medio, veras que se forma una cruz perfecta que se relaciona con la geometría sagrada, saludo antiguo mexicano.

2014-09-30 @ 23:22:15

Joseph Rollans

Not so much a questions and answers. Just a need for a PARTY!

2014-09-30 @ 20:38:34

Jeremy Danks

Hi Drunvalo,

I recently read some information about disolving the charkra cones and using our core energy instead.

Can you please shed some light on this.


2014-09-30 @ 18:56:49


Hola mi nombre es Alejandra solo quiero saber,como sera posible todo este cambio cósmico y dimensional, ya que en lo personal llevo varios años recibiendo extraños mensajes los cuales no entendí hasta que llegue a la palabra flor de vida, de ahí es donde usted maestro Drunvalo ha guiado y enlazado cada una de los código solo a través del amor.Méxic


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