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2014-09-30 @ 11:58:25

Nick V

Hi Drunvalo and the SOR Team. I was watching Q&A #13 and the live transmission cut off. The first part was saved as a video on youtube. The second part got cut off too. I went to look for the video on youtube but they have both disappered. When could i be able to watch those? Is it google that erased it and interrupted the live broadcast? Thanks

2014-09-30 @ 08:49:46


Victoria from OKC. I am a starseed that has been having trouble with psychic attacks. Every time I'm on the right path, it seems like I get attacked. I'm Trying to help others and it seems like this keeps happening. My Angels had me as a child put a shield from my heart to keep them at bay. Is there anything else I could do?

2014-09-30 @ 06:59:46

Nick V. West Virginia

Hello Drunvalo, thank you for doing you part in this work. Im 16 and would love to become an ATIH Teacher. I've read all your books and i still cant seem to activate my merkaba or enter the sacred space. I constantly am enveloped in love for everyone. Is a workshop needed? If so will there ever be workshops in the West Virginia area? Thank you

2014-09-29 @ 15:12:35

Alexandre Yehia

Fung Shui and other teachings suggest sleeping in certain directions because of the magnetics of the Earth and body and perhaps other reasons. Animals consistently line up perfectly with the magnetic poles of the Earth, like compasses. Anything to say on Earth-body magnetics, and which direction(s) to sleep and meditate facing? Thanks

2014-09-29 @ 15:07:06

Alexandre Yehia

Thank you Drunvalo for the invaluable information you share.

In the Emerald Tablets, Thoth mentions fasting for at least three days, and apparently a study found that fasting for at least three days can regenerate the immune system. What do you have to say on the importance of fasting? How often, for how long, and in what manner do you recommend?

2014-09-29 @ 14:30:59

Korenna Ayrennd

Edmonton,Alberta,Ca. Firstly,thank u 4 all ur work, love& light during such exciting times.♡ I wondered if u could elaborate on any info u may have on earth changes,R we to expect the pole shift 2 change from gradual 2 a sudden more global impact,& is this part of the mini ice age scientists R discussing? Aside from living from heart,what can we do

2014-09-29 @ 12:54:03


Carson City, Nevada. Considering we have had many past lives, which bodily blueprint do we take to the next dimension, or do we get to choose?

2014-09-29 @ 12:51:51

Donatas, Norway

Hello Drunvalo, then creating form the heart we are using tongue to create Alfa waves, but if we could reach Alfa state by hypnosis would we still need to use tongue or not. Thanks

2014-09-29 @ 12:18:46


Many Blessings to you Drunvalo and your team.
Alan John Miller an ordinary man who claims to be “Jesus”? also teaches from the heart but from another angle from what you teach, are you aware of this lovely man? as he states this universe is all Emotion. Thanks, Eternal Love to you all

2014-09-29 @ 04:03:58

John Newton

Guided to a circular table on it sat a piece of nice embroidery I stood over it and looked down on it from above. The instant I did so the bottom of the symbol dropped out and I was was presented with every symbol hidden in the flower of life all stacked on top of each other. It was a dream and the first time ever seeing the flower of life ..2002

2014-09-29 @ 00:30:43

Stefan Atanassoff

Hi Drunvalo,
I live 130 km north of Brisbane.
I recently attended the ATIH given by the delightful Elena Burton.
Now I cannot see or perceive any form or anything and I can’t find the tiny space of my heart any more.
Am I in need of clearing The7 Jehovian Seals, and other Seals? And do I need to have my DNA activated?

Kind regards

2014-09-28 @ 19:54:55

Joseph Pomeroy

Hey Drunvalo this is Joey from Orlando. My friend Connor has been experiencing hauntings in his house. Things move, shadow creatures are seen. We ventured into the room where most experiences happen, and you can feel an energy change. Could you tell me what you know of portals? It feels like the room is a void, everything grows darker when inside.

2014-09-27 @ 12:00:57



Satanists believe they are the light. Why do you Drunvalo when we enter the heart say "let there be light"

And why have I seen the so called ALL SEEING EYE when doing your meditaions. The only explanation given was that it was a higher intelligence visiting us after you story of the big eye in your hotel room.

2014-09-26 @ 19:41:41

Monica from Australia

How can I discover my hidden talent; what I'm naturally good at?

I'm the kind of person who tries 110% all the time.. and even with all the effort, hard work and patience.. I still only achieve "average" or below. Therefore, I want to discover my true essence and know what I am truly capable of.

Everyone has a gift. What is mine?


2014-09-26 @ 11:04:12

Victor Garbarino

My question to the collective is this; Physics has discovered 11 dimensions to measure in our cosmos. Now with that being said Is the 11th dimension the level that our cosmos was created or the level we make the decision to enter into the physical reality? If so what does that environment consist of? For Example like a "Total Recall" facility?

2014-09-26 @ 01:49:25

Nick Padilla

From Chicago

Drunvalo! Much love, I appreciate all your work, thank you so much. I had a vision recently that was really vivid and powerful. A man was squeezing me intensely, I had a panic attack in real life, then I turned into light and felt...amazing, I cant describe it. My grandma had the same vision the same night. Any idea what this means?

2014-09-25 @ 12:13:46

Andrew Leed

I experienced during meditation where my eyes were closed the blotchy bits of light began to brighten and organize into cubes I then recalled a passage from your book then the cubes formed circles forming the flower of life then my body felt as if energy poured in my head I had the intuition that I could leave the room I was in What happened to me?

2014-09-25 @ 11:36:32


Hi Drunvalo. I seem to be channeling music in my dreams. I had few dreams where I've heard orchestral compositions which were impossible to imagine due to the vividity of it. I want to find out how I can control my dreams for this and open up my mind to true potential of my imagination. Thank you. (Turkey, Ankara)

2014-09-23 @ 19:52:15


I've just found your site and will watch what there is on here in the following days. I am wondering however if you know about the ability to see "Om" or whatever you may wish to call the energy of the universe? And how might be the best way to further the understanding and influence of it?

2014-09-22 @ 04:28:46

Jonathan manahan

Hi Drunvalo. Someone saw a symbol floating over my body while giving me some sort of spiritual healing. And that symbol was the golden flower of life, which led me to start reading your book "The Flower of Life". I haven't finished the book yet but my question is what could be the possible reason for the symbol to be floating over my body? Thanks

2014-09-18 @ 17:41:03


Hello Drunvalo! Do you believe that Russia will save the world? Baba Vanga predicted after 2024 Russia will live heavenly for exactly 1000 years. There's been a breakthrough, Ancientslovec Lettering/Древлесловенская Буквица was open to the world,there are 49 letters. Each letter represents each year any person is experiencing. Then it returns to A.

2014-09-18 @ 16:05:35

juan cristobal

Hi Drunvalo, after a few days of Drunvalo exploreation through vídeos and texts, I´m wondering how your transition took place to arrive to the location in your life you are know, how did you were borned, how was your primary education and finally how did you opened yourself into the public life of teaching such an incredible subject, thankyou

2014-09-11 @ 06:19:43


Dear Drunvalo.

If I am successful in activating my merkaba I don't think I could leave my family behind, should chaos ensue. I feel like I am going to have to be there in the 3D for them and protect them as best I can. And what if I have to kill to protect me and my family. Will this prevent me from ascending? I would love to hear your insight on

2014-09-11 @ 01:41:40

richard, austria

Hello Drunvalo,
i'm getting confused by the different accounts on the history of mankind. You said that the Nefilim are our mother aspect and the Sirians are our father aspect.
Are the Nephilim then Reptilians from Nibiru or are they Humanoid (and from Nibiru or elsewhere)?. Sorry but i didn't find out.
Thank you very much;

may you be blessed

2014-09-09 @ 04:25:29

Delfin Domingo

Hi Sir, I am from The Philippines but currently working here in Singapore.I noticed that the Vetruvian Man of Leonardo the Vinci and the airship that sit on top of the Great Pyramid have the square and a circle on both which are identical( seems to me!)Are the two photos or sketches has something to do with each other?


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