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2012-06-28 @ 17:09:07

Sheryl Firkus

Good Day: My questions:
Will the people who live in the center of the Earth and the Inner cities be making the Ascension also ???

And will the Ascended Masters Retreats thru out the world be vacated???

Where do the animals go when they Ascend????

2012-06-28 @ 16:00:53


when you can feel the light tubes and the 3rd eye and the prana tube, does that mean your ready to ascend.? is this something that one is suppose to feel every moment ? i am choosing ascention but am worried about my halo being intact all the time. thankyou very much for your help. sincerly caren d.

2012-06-28 @ 13:26:12

Thomas MAgnago

Hello Drunvalo,
you changed my life in many ways and I sent you all my blessings and thank you for being here :-)
After months of almost daily Merkaba meditations my senses are still not open enough to tell me if my Merkaba field is activated or not. How can I be sure and know that my Merkaba is active?
Secondly, many channelings speak about technology which will be gifted very soon, but if the dimensional jump comes all technology and artificial materials will fall into oblivion. Does this mean that the technology will be gifted after the dimensional jumb or why should we have it only for a couple of days before?
From the heart and in love

2012-06-28 @ 05:44:13

Rob in Kimberley, BC

Hi Drunvalo,
I have a question about programming the new MerKaBa. When and how is it done compared to the old way during the 14th breath?
Thanks so much.
Lots of Love,

2012-06-27 @ 21:00:09


Question on the video, about spirit guides.

2012-06-27 @ 19:50:39

isaac k

on one of your videos you had said that the dolphins are some of the earliest e.t's on our beloved earth , how did they get to our system from where they were originally ? do they also have a working merkabah ?

and what are your takes on the urantia book ???

2012-06-27 @ 19:19:23


Hey Drunvalo,
I have 2 questions.

First question: With Dec 21 2012 fast approaching, would it be approriate for me to seek Merkba activation or ascensions so late? I'm not really one to cram haha. But it'd be nice to gain affrimation for my own actions.

Second question: I had purchased a large clear quartz crystal from a metaphysical store a few months back and just this month i noticed some new pieces attached to my clear quartz crystal, as though it grew and the largest piece that grew has a sort of rainbowish tinge to it (similar coloration to looking at an oil-spil reflecting sunlight); What does this mean?

Thank you for everything!

2012-06-27 @ 15:28:05

ana floreani

Will I remember my life here on earth when we make the ascension? When we are all in the 4th dimension will I reconnect with my family and friends there easily? Will I "remember" everything all at once when the serious changes take place?

2012-06-27 @ 14:29:17


It makes alot of sense that the world needs a shift, part of me feels ‘the sooner the better’. On the other hand, it feels like we are about to fail in this dimension of polarity & physical matter. That is if we just shift into another dimension & don’t sort out the mess we have created on Earth? A consciousness shift into the heart would surely enable us, in balance with our intellect, to re-create in this world or dimension, compassion, love, community, sharing, positive relationship with nature, bliss, happiness & peace.

It seems that a consciousness shift into another dimension is a sudden end that we have not earned yet. There is a hugely increasing awareness to work with Mother Earth rather than against her. I love this planet & the people on it & I would love us to be able to continue this movement, including a shift into the heart, so that we can create something beautiful here.
Many thanks & many blessings & love to you.

2012-06-27 @ 12:06:02

Sheryl Firkus

Questions for Youtube show: you spoke of the shift into the 4th dimension. You said we would get new bodies of Light and I heard something about entering the womb. Will those going into the 4th dimension be born again in a baby body and have to grow up again????? I need greater clearifcation on that. Will we have parents????

I see that you are wearing nice colors lately. The Ascended Masters taught me around 17yrs ago about the importance of color on the body and your surroundings to help raise the vibratory action of the body. Do you feel the people need to know about the importance of this. I noticed when I got rid of black, red, browns, grey and went to bright beautiful colors my vibration soared upwards fast. By keeping those negative colors off the body it has kept me protected and disconnected from the lower vibrations.

Also this is a big one. the Ascended Masters taught me the importance to sustain from impure sex desires and to use the channel of sex only to bring a child into the world. Do you feel this needs to be announced.??
Love you Drunvalo keep up the wonderful work - so many have grown in Enlightment with you videos. Sheryl From Houston Tx.

2012-06-27 @ 11:32:10



2012-06-27 @ 09:08:21


Hello Drunvalo,
I want to thank you for your time and work during these times, it is very comforting and inspirational!

In the Flower of Life Volume 2 you talk about the Luciferian reality which we are experiencing, and you also explain how the original reality also exists, and we have a part of that reality with our hearts.

I am wondering if these two realities are actually separated...? I also wonder if this is the same concept as antimatter where there exists a replica of our reality but they can never meet because they would implode. I also was wondering how you view the Fibonacci spiral and the golden mean spiral in relation to these two realities.

Thank you so much! I love you!

2012-06-27 @ 07:31:42


Dear Drunvalo,

I have a crazy question, when everybody ascendes to the fourth dimension is going to be a blink of an eye or will it take days for us to ascend and shoud we be in a meditative state for the whole time until we reach the fourth dimension? And one more question, if people move to the fourth dimension with unresolve problems and then get knock down to the third dimension, will the third dimension still be exactly the same living under the montery empire or would it have change becasue of the mass ascending?

Sorry wrote alot of questions

Thank you so much
-Jonathan from Milwaukee, WI-

2012-06-27 @ 06:50:09


Dear Drunvalo,

I took your earth,sky, heart workshop and there was one thing that I am still not understanding and that is where is your tounge supposed to be located again. I am still not understanding it in the video. If you can show me on a real picture that would help me out.

-Jonatha from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2012-06-27 @ 03:50:01


I wanna know what happen to those who committed suicide?
does anything special happen to them?
where do we go when we die? does it matter how we die?
Thank you

2012-06-26 @ 19:15:35


Dear Drunvalo,

During a meditaion a few months ago, I had the most amazing experience of my entire life. I believe I had a Kundalina experience but at the time I did not know what was happing to me. The energy started at root of my spinal cord and moved like a snake all the way up my spinal cord. I was crying through my eyes and everthing was crisp and beautiful. This experience lasted for more than a week until I drank alot one night for it to go away. My question is was this a kundalina experience and is this the same as activating my merkaba? And is this the same feeling living in the fourth dimension? Also, can you have more then one kundalina experience beasue I wish to experience this again.

-Jonathan from Milwaukee, WI-

2012-06-26 @ 10:37:42

Verena from Germany

Dear Drunvalo,

thank you very much for all your help and all the different perspectives you offer!
I have a question about your video about Food Combinations:
Do you have some resources where we can find more information about that?
I am also wondering HOW important the "right" food is: In my experience do different people digest the same food differently: some gain weight easily while others eat HUGE amounts of chocolate and are thin as! So is it more important WHAT we eat or what thoughts and feelings we have about the food?
And how is it possible that some people survive without eating any kind of food (breathariens for example)?
I am a bit confused here,,,

thank you very much, Drunvalo!


2012-06-26 @ 09:47:40


Bonjour Drunvalo,

Would you please speak about karma in the ascension/resurrection process; will it be wiped out? or irrelevant? or affect the elevation process and level? or other...?

Would you also speak about the Elohim?

Thank you for all that you are and do!
Much love from Quebec, Canada

2012-06-26 @ 09:46:10


Bonjour Drunvalo,

Would you please speak about karma in the ascension/resurrection process; will it be wiped out? or irrelevant? or affect the elevation process and level? or other...?

Thank you for all that you are and do!
Much love from Quebec, Canada

2012-06-26 @ 00:10:18


Hi Drunvalo,

I would like you to speak about Angelic Realities.

Specifically, the role and presence of angels in our world at this time.

Thank you!!


2012-06-25 @ 17:07:32


What is the best Frequency (s) to use during a Merkaba meditation?


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