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2014-05-01 @ 05:15:47

Joel Levesque (Canada)

Hello Drunvalo, I have a question concerning ascension/incarnation into the 4th dimension. I need to make money for my spiritual projects and to live, but the only job I could find where I live is a lobster shop. (There aren't many places hiring or to work) Would this job affect my spiritual path by being around such low vibrations? Thanks a lot :)

2014-04-29 @ 12:07:57

Marta M Vila

From Miami, FL USA

Big fan of you for a long time. For those that have chosen to be cremated, can we recreate our body in the fourth dimension during the 2 to 4 days window of time for resurrection?

Thanks for awakening humanity

From my Heart in Oneness


2014-04-24 @ 06:28:52

Aurele Drysdale

Hello Drunvalo,

I was driving to Nova Scotia very relaxed and all of a sudden I had a vision of a symbol that appeared im front of my eyes its was (Y2) then an inner voice said to communicate with you for the meaning . I have been amazed since that day so here I am sharing this with you! Could you share some light as to what this symbol means??

2014-04-24 @ 01:09:15

Daniel Lesnick

Dear drunvalo,

I am a 14 year old and I have learned most of the male aspects to accention but because of my age I don't have the resources to attend any classes. Are there ways to get your information by different means.

Thank you for your consideration
Daniel Lesnick, California

2014-04-23 @ 05:39:35


Justinas Stockus, Vilnius, Lithuania. Video question and greetings to Drunvalo ;)

2014-04-20 @ 00:45:18

fiona Issler

Hi Drunalo, as soon as I enter my tiny space I feel a forward roling movement inside my head with an elevated sense of perception and see a connection from my heart directly going to the thalamus , no tongue bridge involved, only at certain moments to keep the process moving,isthis ok?
Fiona from Portugal

2014-04-16 @ 15:24:26


hi Drunvalo,
I live in Los Angeles I have been watching your videos for a couple years and i believe I may be a Melchizedek of the alpha and omega order, I know it is a deeply personal thing but could you please tell me how I can access this information and if there is a test or some training I need to find out. this is deeply important to me.

2014-04-16 @ 11:16:13

Liam Curran

Drunvalo, I very much appreciate your work. I just have one question, why would America side with the Jews if America is Martian controlled? Also what role do the Lemurians play in the war between the Martians and the Jews, I know they are sided with the Jews but are they kind of just bystanders, or are they the indigo children/starseeds?

2014-04-12 @ 10:23:46


Hi, Druvalo.
My name is Tereza, my nickname is Theca.I´m from Campinas,Brasil.
My question is: the mother earth of 4ºdimension is so beautiful like here? What is the Challenge there?we have family, work etc...there?
Have feelings, emotions, time , space in 4º dimension. What is the pleasure there?
with tenderness theca

2014-04-09 @ 10:12:56


to Drunvalo: Could you give us some advise on protect ourselves from 24/7 spraying Chemtrails? and from the low frequncy sound beams in the atomsphere? and what kind of food to take or avoid etc. No2. question is on the radiation polution level on the Pacific Islands.our family wants to move there and especiall Hawaii? Thanks/Joy from Sweden

2014-04-09 @ 10:09:02


Hi Dru

can you talk about the upcoming 'red moon's' starting now on the 15th April and then continuing with a number of them over the next 18 months co inciding with lunar and solar eclipses and religious (Jewish) calender dates...? there seems to be some discussion around these upcoming events...?

Thank You,

Love Always,


2014-04-09 @ 08:35:58

April&Charles Charlotte,NC

Drunvalo we just want to say we thank you for what you are doing to help raise the level of consciousness in the world.-In researching and listening to you and so many others about the existence of a higher consciousness,can you tell us how the emerald tablets,thoth,enlil,enki,Rh Factor,gaints,fallen angels,how man was create all come together?

2014-04-09 @ 00:57:49

sandhya gupta

Hi,this is sandhya gupta from India, please tell me the different between Aura and Merkaba

2014-04-09 @ 00:32:24

Mario Ruopolo

Mr D Melchizedek, deepest thank you. you spoke about a technique of rubbing the tong against the roof of the mouth.one day started doing this specific tic in 2006 up to today i still do it. when it started i felt it was a way to receive a vibration. never imagined you knew. can you elaborate as what are the results of doing it, when would it stop.

2014-04-08 @ 20:21:49

Zara Baker - Northern Calif.

Dear and Wonderful Drunvalo;

1. You've said that in the Ascension no one will be left behind regardless of how they die. You've also said that we're stuck in the cycle of reincarnation until we learn to die and take our bodies with us. So...which is it? Have the rules changed for the Ascension? 2. How do we heal ourselves with our merkaba?

2014-04-08 @ 09:13:27

Brodie S.

New Hampshire-

Hi Drunvalo,

Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom with the world. Now you've spoken of the Indigo children a number of times; as the kids hit puberty and reach adulthood around 18 years old, will they too need to gain the knowledge you have taught and activate the Merkaba in order to ascend?

God Bless

2014-04-08 @ 01:55:57

Holger Biallas

Hello, Drunvalo! Thank you for your inspiring work.
Can you please say something about the gnostic concept of a demiurg and the archons? - what might their role in ascension be?
...second: is the Hindu God Shiva identical with Metatron?

greetings Holger

2014-04-07 @ 17:38:44

Ashley Comstock (Mankato, Minnesota)

Drunvalo, when I was young(5-10yrs) I found the way into my heart where I experienced guidance to ascend and I did all the steps till the last half turn where I asked for all help everywhere. Then I wanted to be 100% I had everything ready and aligned and the merkaba came to me. Recently I found my way back into my heart. Is my ascension day over?

2014-04-07 @ 16:30:57


Red Deer Canada
Thanks for all you do, Drunvalo! I took your ATIH online wkshop in Feb. and am taking it again Apr 14. I meditate every day to open my 3rd eye, raise my alpha, I KNOW in time this will happen, because I get momentary deep connections to our Mother and all Life,AWESOME,such LOve and I see the stars thru walls! Thank you Blessings!

2014-04-05 @ 11:55:26

kevin dalling

Drunvalo, is there any validity to Professor Kaplans of the U of Austin's claim of Nibiru heading toward the Earth?

2014-04-04 @ 04:00:21


Hi I live in London, England.
Can you tell me the meaning of 11,11. Many people are becoming aware of see 11,11 including myself. Can you tell us what this means?
I have all your books and you mention about seeing numbers and their meanings.

2014-04-03 @ 22:18:21

Tom Price

Drunvalo has said the Whales/Dolphins asked permission, and thus the kids are excited to come here and participate from other dimensions. But why? WHY are they coming? Is it to create a critical mass? I want to "help them help us" by having after school clubs, etc, for example. But I really have no clue if such is suitable and effective to do.

2014-04-03 @ 13:27:13

Nikola Corni

Tuition Member
Serbia, Belgrade

2014-04-03 @ 10:05:06


Reno, NV. Is it known what the aura of E.T.'s are? Can their aura be seen?

2014-04-02 @ 22:16:27

Tristan Lake


I live in Santa Barbara and am 20 years old. I am half way through your second book (Flower of Life II) and really excited to reunite with my Mer-Ka-Ba. I wanted to know your opinion on the best way/technique to start out meditating and what you do to stop your mind from thinking so much? Also will I be able to see my Mer-Ka-Ba?



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