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2014-09-08 @ 03:42:32

Adam Mur

Hi i'm Adam from Paris. I was wondering where I should go to begin my path of remembering and learning to live in the heart. I have an urge to go see the Mayan people near the Mayan temple Chitzen Itza and learn by their sides. Having been there yourself, do you believe this is possible, and are they still there today?

Thank you for all your love!

2014-09-08 @ 00:39:29


Hello. Drunvalo.
Is this 100 people group who is playing with our consciousness with the reptiles is the pleiadeans who "entered our consciousness in 1980's"? Why did anyone allow them to do that? I stated that I am not afraid and since then they are trying to make my life a nightmare, along with reptiles through people's ego (my family's involved

2014-09-06 @ 10:34:41


Hey Drunvalo,

First of all the video you made few years ago, the maya of eternal time, did help me out alot whit questions i had about life so thanks for that.

Further i have a question about weed, did the maya ever mention something about it to you? like any purpose it should have, or when it should be used?

Thanks richard,

2014-09-04 @ 20:35:45


Hi Drunvalo, thank you for all of your love and light. Im 16 and I was wondering if there was an age limit to become an ATIH Teacher?

2014-09-03 @ 22:55:48

Thomas Kordell

Dear Drunvalo,

I was wondering if the facts that our bodies have 8 major chakra centers and there are 8 planets in our solar system are somehow related, or just happen to be coincidental? My thinking is partially rooted in the Emerald Tablets when Thoth states that "Thy bodies are nothing but planets revolving around their central sun".

2014-08-29 @ 22:19:45

Travis D.

Long Island, New York.

Hello My question for you sir is whether or not the merkabah can be removed from the body and destroyed. If so How long does one live without it? How would you get it back?

2014-08-29 @ 16:31:23

Marie de Kock

Please tell us about Gaia's ascencion and yr comments about the Path of Migration of the Plantes according to the Hopi. Very little info about the core of the Earth available. Anything we can do to assist Gaia? consider myself daughter of Gaia, am South African, living near an active volcano, and hot springs,(her orgasmic fluid) Southern Chil

2014-08-28 @ 11:07:45

Don Primrose

Location Greensboro ,NC
I read a lot of interesting information from this Table of Contents.
Divine Mothers Sacred Spiritual Manuscript. Is all this true ?
Did the tree of life (marijuana)create a body for Prime Creator as said on pages 70 to 131.

2014-08-27 @ 08:20:29

Annemarie Fux

I am from Kelowna BC, and just signed up for a Workshop by Datoo Naeem. His wife responded to my inquiry;I realise that I signed up for the wrong workshop and like to cancel.
I am not ill, or depressed or have the urge to be healer. I am 62 years old and had lifelong extraordinary experiences and I like to find answers. Any suggestions?

2014-08-27 @ 04:02:05

Nicholas Taranto

You said in the last question of Q&A Ep.6 that if you enter the Tiny Space of the Heart, you can call in your Higher Self. To be able to communicate with your higher self through the tiny space, must you still connect to Mother Earth>?

Thankyou so much for your teachings... I hope to meet you in person one day.

2014-08-27 @ 02:40:38

Nicholas Taranto

I am a 14yrold boy living in QLD Australia. I have read both Flower of Life books as well as "Living in the Heart." I have my mind and heart set on going to an ATIH workshop but alas, I have no money. I know where the closest teacher is and can arrange transport but again, I cannot afford the 550$ price tag. I was wonderingifan arangment canbe made

2014-08-19 @ 16:26:29


How can I get the Paqo Andino film?

2014-08-18 @ 10:04:44

Yael Danagn

Jeff and Drunvalo,

Beautiful it engaged my very being; tears of longing and a sense of familiarity came over me. I was immersed in presence of the sound, beauty of the space, and beautiful people. Magnificent work, Beautiful beings, the whole film is amazing.
Thank you for this gift,

I am a member of the S of R. I live in Victoria, BC

2014-08-18 @ 09:59:40


Thank you
For filming this , and for the indigenous people to expose this part of themselves for the benefit of us all.

2014-08-17 @ 17:03:23

Alex Heredia

Hi Drunvalo, I'm from Spain, I would like to know were dogs come from, they say they are the best friend of humans, but we don't really know quite shure the origens, and why have they always stood on our side, loved and protected us, were they created at the same time that we were created? To help us on our journey? Thankyou.

2014-08-17 @ 12:09:47


I just want you all to know that the Paqo Andino film is a blessing to me. Jeffrey was brilliant on transporting us into that reality. It worked! How great to be reminded how these great men live (inlcuding Jeffrey and my beloved Drunvalo) and how I should go from here. What an inspiration! All this makes me thank God for being alive right now!!!

2014-08-16 @ 18:16:27

sandra luiza stocco

WisdomKeeper Presentation: I love it! the last image in 1:48:04 with APUS AND THE ANGEL IS AMAZING! THANK YOU!

2014-08-16 @ 07:47:35

Nicholas Taranto

Location:Australia,QLD.I was wondering if the Merkaba rotated with the body. For example,if I lay down horizontally,will the sun tetrahedron still be pointing vertically up?or would it be pointing behind my head?Youstate that the Merkaba Meditation is possible from any human position,so I was pondering how to visualize in meditation laying down.

2014-08-14 @ 19:11:55


Dear Mr.Melchizedek:

what will be the result of war that Russia started againsta Ukraine?

Thank you in advance,

2014-08-12 @ 13:59:50


look i am jewish and i have no real problem with that i was just watching the video and the information was new to me interesting to me what bothered me though where these theories are random but don't overlap judaism i am 14 and happy where i am spiritually and i was wondering as a religion what do you call yourself and what does humanity not know

2014-08-09 @ 09:34:49


Hi Drunvalo. can you talk abot easter island?

2014-08-03 @ 00:26:34

Karin, Germany

Certified Tuition Member.
Are Thoth and Akhenaten the same personP
Thanks! Love. Karin

2014-08-02 @ 18:27:59


Hello Drunvalo.

I am from Bolivia and I have been reading and watching you for 3 y, raising my awareness. THANK YOU for all the amazing spiritual work you have done and continue doing for Mother Earth and the Remembering Process. 2q.: 1. what is the role of the Moon in this whole reality and Ascension process? 2. Are there 4-Dimensional Egos? t.y.

2014-08-02 @ 03:13:04

Samantha, Bellingen Australia

Hello Drunvalo, There are a great many souls, mainly children, who are now being known as on the 'autism spectrum'. It can be very difficult to understand their different ways of being and their greater reasons for being on the earth. Statistically the numbers increase by nearly 100% each year. Why are they coming to earth now? Thankyou xxx

2014-08-01 @ 19:48:27

Joel greene

I am not a indigo but I come from far away like them. Most of the things you talk about deal with humans. We need help too. I don't think it really matters if we do the merkaba even though I do it and enjoy it, so why are we still here if the humans made it. I am tired and want to go home but can't seem to do it. How do I get home now. Oregon USA


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