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Corazón Iluminado, 19 Abril, Bogotá Colombia

Host by: Ing. Roberto Cifuentes
Start: Apr-19-2018
End: Apr-22-2018

Corazón Iluminado en Bogotá, Colombia

Te invito a vivir esta hermosa experiencia de recordar la esencia divina de tu ser, puedes ver mi video donde explico lo que haremos en los 4 días del taller.

Gracias por ver este video

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Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Utah

Host by: Dmitry Glukhov
Start: Apr-19-2018
End: Apr-22-2018
Salt Lake City, Private Residence
Salt Lake City

The knowledge presented in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop is Drunvalo life’s work and in my opinion is one of the most profound teachings on the planet today. It’s a blend of both modern and ancient science with complete understanding of human consciousness, a map for the ascension process to the next dimensional level as well to bring quality to your 3D life you live today. It is a profound and yet simple way that is natural and complete.


Mérida, Mex. Corazón Iluminado Abril 2018

Host by: Adriana Garavito
Start: Apr-19-2018
End: Apr-22-2018
Mérida, Yucatán

“Este taller te proveerá de todo lo que necesitas para entrar a tu Corazón y crear la vida que deseas solamente desde el amor. Para apoyar este proceso, partes del taller están dedicados completamente a la sanación incluyendo una hermosa Ceremonia de Sanación de grupo. Durante los siguientes días serás guiado a activar tus Tubos de Luz que generarán un Halo alrededor de tu Cabeza. Esta activación incrementará y desarrollará tus habilidades psíquicas, así como abrir tu 3er Ojo. Como resultado final del taller, tu Merkaba natural que es tu Cuerpo de Luz se activará de forma permanente en un instante... - Drunvalo Melchizedek



Host by: Claudine Kurtz
Start: Apr-19-2018
End: Apr-22-2018
21 rue Dareau ,Paris 75014
Paris, France

C'est dans le Coeur que se trouvent les informations originelles de la Vie, et lorsque le coeur se remet aux commandes de la vie d'une personne, alors la Vie répond par la Joie et la puissance.

Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer votre ascension vous sera enseigné au cours de ces 4 jours.

Atelier en Français et limité a 16 Participants


Despertando el Corazon Iluminado

Host by: Enrique Guardiola
Start: Apr-07-2018
End: Apr-22-2018
Dinàmic Centre, Av. de l'Amical Mauthausen 3

Este taller de 4 días se realizara en dos fines de semana en Girona los días 7-8 y 21-22 de abril de 2018.

Horario: de 9:30 a 18:30 aproximadamente.

Precio: 350€ (incluye la inscripción en la School of Remembering)

El numero máximo de participantes será de 6 personas.

Para participar contacta conmigo por correo electrónico (eguardiola@viajedelcorazon.com) o por teléfono (+34 605783720).



Host by: Pablo McCarte
Start: Apr-13-2018
End: Apr-16-2018

This is a 4 day Intensive workshop Created by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

It is based on his Life’s Work and is filled with Essential Knowledge that was taught in Ancient Mystery Schools around the world in disciplines that would take 20-40 yrs of practice to master. The meditations and exercises Greatly Accelerate your Awakening and Kickstart your journey into Ascension / Higher Consciousness!

Come and Join the Revolution that is Sweeping Through Humanity ...NOW !

For costs registration and further info please contact: WELSHPABLO111@GMAIL.COM - 07939607186


2018 April School Holidays - ATIH 4 day W/shop

Host by: Marie Pavel
Start: Apr-12-2018
End: Apr-15-2018

4 Day Workshop - Thursday to Sunday (inclusive)


Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Host by: Iryna Eysmont
Start: Apr-12-2018
End: Apr-15-2018
Sedona Private Residence

Entire Humanity, entire Universe moves in direction to Remember who we are in connection to something bigger than just physical life.
ATIH is an ancient science of Heart and to my knowledge is the most centered, grounded and natural safe way to go through the process of awakening that has been used through millennia.
For some returning to conscious living can seem like awakening while being burned at the stake or being along in a middle of busy-selling crowd. It is not easy to recognize genuine information out there, but in your Heart you have a compass which will guide you on your journey the most joyful and exciting way.


Awakening The Illuminated Heart

Host by: Camellia Tatchev
Start: Apr-12-2018
End: Apr-15-2018
AUM Center, San Francisco
San Francisco

The journey from your brain to your Heart is the focus of this transformational workshop. We will just follow the path that Drunvalo Melchizedek made for us bringing the wisdom of so many spiritual teachings and indigenous cultures. Does not matter how spiritual you are from day 1 to day 4 you will be gradually introduced to the subtle energy world.
Sound healing it will help you open your Heart Center.
Special techniques will help you open your Third Eye.
From the heart activate your body of Light - MerKaBa.




Host by: Heim  RAluca
Start: Apr-13-2018
End: Apr-15-2018

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes". Carl Jung



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