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Start: May-31-2018
End: Jun-03-2018

Living in the heart is not just a metaphor. On the great wheel of time, days follow nights, spring follows winter, and the golden ages of mankind follow the dark ones. Human knowledge follows the same cyclical patterns – going through times of decline, and then flourishing anew. Few can imagine that, in this day and age, when humanity seems to be facing every type of crisis possible, we are actually only seeing remnants of previous decline, and signs of a golden age to come. And thus, just like the sun shines bright after the darkness of night, the traditional systems are being reborn, to reveal new and relevant insights. What we had thought to be lost or forgotten is now arising back to lif


Despertando el Corazon Iluminado

Host by: Enrique Guardiola
Start: May-19-2018
End: Jun-03-2018
Sala Salatxo C/ Eusko Gudari 4

Este taller de 4 días se realizara en Orio (Guipúzcoa) durante dos fines de semana: 19-20 de mayo y 2-3 de junio de 2018.

Horario: Cada día de 9:30h a 18:30h.

Para participar contacta conmigo por correo electrónico (eguardiola@viajedelcorazon.com) o por teléfono (+34 605783720).

¡Hasta pronto!


Despertando el Corazon Iluminado

Host by: Mabel Alicia Giorla
Start: May-31-2018
End: Jun-03-2018
Academia Holistica de Formacion Alfa y Omega

Te invitamos a compartir un taller intensivo, totalmente vivencial en el que presentamos información y experiencias que han venido transmitiéndose casi exclusivamente de boca a boca desde tiempos ancestrales y que ahora es vital recordar para vivir con paz y alegría los grandes cambios en los que estamos inmersos en estos momentos.


L'Eveil du Coeur Illuminé

Host by: Michael Margulis
Start: May-25-2018
End: May-28-2018
Hôtel Restaurant Kyriad

Joignez-vous à nous pour cet atelier expérientiel qui est conçu pour élever la conscience en passant du mental au Cœur afin de vous aider à contacter votre véritable identité Divine. Cet atelier vise à ouvrir le cœur et vous permettra de trouver le chemin vers l’Espace Sacré du Cœur afin de vous permettre de vivre dans le Cœur; le lieu d'Amour et d'Unité avec toute vie existante. Il s'agit d'un enseignement basé sur le Cœur.

La raison d'être de cet atelier est de vous aider à vous en rappeler qui vous Êtes Véritablement en vous apprenant des technologies internes. Ils sont les clés de la résonance vibratoire parfaite avec la Mère Terre et le Père Céleste . Ce sont les clés de l'ascension.



Host by: Iryna Eysmont
Start: May-25-2018
End: May-27-2018
Sedona Advanced Healing Experience

In this three-day intensive workshop I invite you to work deeper with your Inner Child, emotional and mental bodies to integrate your Remembering into your day-to-day life. Stay in your Divine Power and live from your Heart resolving your fear based memories with Love.
Remember you are the Star. You don’t want to be “an extra in the movie of your life”.
It is my big joy to see fire of happiness in your eyes and your Hearts. It has been, and continues to be, a lifetime of research and Remembering how to stay in your Heart and co-Create with those who are around you in the moment.
This will bring expansion into higher consciousness as individuals and as entire Humanity.


Erwecken des Erleuchteten Herzens

Host by: Barbara  Grunder
Start: May-23-2018
End: May-27-2018
Seminarhotel Wasserfallen
Reigoldswil, BL

Dieses Seminar ist eine Einladung, den heiligen Raum in unserem Herzen wieder zu erwecken und die MERKABA (Lichtfeld um unseren Körper) spontan und dauerhaft zu aktivieren.

Infos unter: www.drunvalo.net / www.schoolofremembering.ch


Despertando el Corazón Iluminado

Host by: Jorge Briozzo
Start: May-24-2018
End: May-27-2018
A determinar
Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

LLevando las enseñanzas de Drunvalo Melchizedek a la provincia mas austral del planeta.
Te invito a participar de la dulzura de entrar al corazón, de recordar quienes somos, de crear desde la unidad tus sueños más íntimos, de reconectarte con tu esencia...
Animate, te espero
Informes y reserva:
Celu 11-15-5102-2233


Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Host by: Mariela Olmedo
Start: May-24-2018
End: May-27-2018
Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom
Essex, United Kingdom


This workshop will take place in Essex, United Kingdom on May 26-29, 2018. It will be taught by two certified teachers: Mariela and Jens who deliver this material as Drunvalo instructed to teach it. They look forward to guide you in the journey to your heart and activate your natural Mer-Ka-Ba!



Awakening The Illuminated Workshop

Host by: Evelyn Viviana Guerra
Start: May-18-2018
End: May-20-2018
New York

Awakening The Illuminated Heart, Awakening to your "I AM" Presence. Join me on this beautiful 3 days of intensive & beautiful spiritual madness of Love & Oneness. What we will cover on these three days are topics ranging from the Fibonacci sequence, flower of life, the Merkabah, Archangels, connecting with our Higher Selves, Forgiveness, releasing emotional traumas, Crystal stones, Creating and living our life from our sacred space of our Hearts and so much more. Join me into this transformational workshop that changes your life to a new reality of love, humbleness and oneness. In One Heart, Always...



Η Αφύπνιση της πεφωτισμένης καρδιάς The Illuminatd Heart Workshop

Host by: iliana dima
Start: May-17-2018
End: May-20-2018

Τhis seminar will be held in Greek
A workshop in English, will be offered in June 2018

A few years ago I was “guided” to visit Egypt to participate in a seminar related to Drunvalo Melchizedek's work. My life changed completely since. I felt that all this work was a gift from God. It felt reconnected in a way to remember a language that was known to me but not spoken for several years and lives...



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