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The School of Remembering® new Membership is now Available

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Brief video from Drunvalo:

For many years Drunvalo Melchizedek traveled the earth learning and then guiding the Ancient Wisdom of Living in the Heart.

The School of Remembering began as a gathering and collaboration place for people interested in learning more and for the training and certification of Awakening the Illuminated Heart Teachers.

As the School Membership organically grew so did the demands on the website. In 2012 it became necessary to list the School of Remembering Teachers and their growing Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop Schedules separately here in Drunvalo’s website.

By June of 2013 the School of Remembering had increased its workshops to include Awakening the Illuminated Heart, HeartMath, Sacred Geometry and Teacher certification classes requiring the Creation of a separate website.

By June of 2014 the Membership numbers of beautiful globally conscious people had reached amazing sizes and we launched the third generation website in late August to continue supporting everyone.

The School of Remembering Membership is open for everyone. We provide four types of participation to ensure our community needs are met.

*General Membership: (Attending a workshop is not required)

This is the one-time $14.99 U.S. registration fee and allows everyone to join and participate in the globally conscious projects, Online Video Projects, Q&A with Drunvalo and all the workshops you can attend. General Membership is a onetime lifetime registration with no limit to the number of events or locations you attend and unlimited access to discounted items in the store. (Workshop & Event fees can be separate)

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*Tuition Membership: (Attending a workshop is not required)

This is an optional monthly recurring $6.99 Tuition fee and provides Members with a greatly EXPANDED library of training topics and videos, special access and first release information from the leaders in the School of Remembering and a 10% discount for products from our Partner the Spirit of Maa’t Magazine & Store.

*Certified Tuition Membership: (ATIH workshop is required)

This is for our Awakening the Illuminated Heart students and is only available for Students who have attended a live Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop and retrieved the Online Certificate of Completion in their School Membership account.

When you have an Awakening the illuminated Heart Certificate and join Tuition Membership the system unlocks very exciting tools. One of these tools is an “Education” link specifically designed for the ATHI Certified student containing 28 step by step videos created by Drunvalo covering the most exciting and valuable subjects of the workshops.

Drunvalo’s Education tool is a continuation of your Workshop Experience and your personal journey by providing on-demand in-depth one-on-one discussion on subjects such as the real meditation practice, the Beams of Light, The Last 90 Degree Turn and much more.

*Certified Teachers for: (ATIH / HeartMath / Sacred Geometry / Blue School of Imagery)

This is one more step in personal growth and the commitment beyond oneself to a path of service. Teachers have backgrounds in many teachings and are our most cherished. To know who they are and their motivators see teacher biographies here: http://theschoolofremembering.net/sor/teachers

Brief video from an ATIH Teacher to help understand:

Each Month the School creates something new for its Members

Greetings from Drunvalo,

We here at Drunvalo.net, are pleased to announce The School of Remembering®. My life’s work will be presented in this school where teachers will be trained with a complete understanding of the human consciousness revolution that is now occurring. The training will go far beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba and is a living-ness process.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher of this sacred work please see the registration forms. Not everyone can be chosen to be an Awakening The Illuminated Heart® teacher as it depends upon your character and your ability to serve.

From my heart to yours,


The School of Remembering® Membership is now Available

If you have already Registered: Login Here

To Enroll with the School: Click Here

Joining the School Membership is a one step process.

To attend a workshop is only one more step.

Step 1 = Join the school and receive an email with your username and password for access and begin learning.

Step 2 = Log-in and participate or register for a workshop anywhere in the globe

Enjoy the information sharing as we continue to grow and partner with exciting globally conscious organizations.

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School of Remembering Event Coordinator/Promoter Application

This application is the license to work with certified School of Remembering® Inc. Teachers to host, coordinate or promote official events. If you are a certified teacher of the School of Remembering with a current license and you want to host events for other licensed teachers you must make this application in addition to your existing agreement.