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Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop

4 Day ATIH Workshop - 10am-5.30pm daily


HeartMind House Elwood,


June 02-05,2018.

It is time to create the lives we want - to let ourselves shine and to connect to our Sacred Space of the Heart - it is time to answer the call of our spirit`s longing for connection - It is time to remember who we really are! In this Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop you will be awakened to what the true potential of being human is as you journey through your heart, and discover a world as real as this outer world, but more ancient and connected. It is the very source of human existence that has been suppressed and forgotten about in the modern age. In this workshop we will apply and learn different exercises and meditations to activate dormant energetic processes within to reconnect you to ancient knowledge. This reconnection serves as a gateway to enter the sacred space of the heart leading the way to create from the heart, and activation of the Merkaba living light body. This is in order for human potential to reach the levels that are necessary for ascension to higher levels of consciousness. As you will see in these Awakening workshops, love has a power that has long been forgotten. A power so strong that it created the Universe that we live & move around in. "It is our heart that contains the original instructions of life, and when our Heart is again in control of our life, life responds with Joy and power." Some Highlights: *Entering the Tiny space of the heart and creating your heart`s greatest desire *Healing vibration circles to replenish and clear any blocks to being in the heart *Activation of Alpha waves and opening the third eye *Activation of Merkaba - human light body - ascension *Unity breath connecting to mother earth/father sky Through the practice of methods taught in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops, we are given the opportunity to greatly deepen our path of awakening to our true nature, our true being. When this workshop is completed, you’ll have the inner tools to truly assist the ascension process and create your heart`s greatest desire right now in the present. This ATIH teaching supersedes and incorporates the earlier Flower of life workshops. It is the advanced training of Drunvalo Melchizedek. Recommended (not compulsary) reading: Living in the Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Ancient secrets of the flower of life 1 & 2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Please feel free to contact Natalie if you have any questions about the workshop or need help registering - 0401448706 - [email protected] *Cost: $555

EarthSky /Living in the Heart workshop

For Registration Questions and Information contact;
One Heart Productions, LLC
[email protected] - email
928 204 0874 - telephone
928 282 5791 - fax

Spirit of Ma'at, LLC