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Пробуждане на Озареното Сърце • България

Host by: Georgi Georgiev
Start: Jul-27-2018
End: Jul-30-2018
St. Germain Center

Припомнете си как да Живеете в Сърцето и как да активирате своето МерКаБа поле - тялото от светлина.
Пробуждане на Озареното Сърце учи на древните и свещени практики на Сърцето по начин, достъпен за разбиране от модерния човек. Този семинар е кулминацията в делото на живота на Друнвало Мелхизедек, която обединява всички аспекти от Мер Ка Ба, Навлизане в Сърцето и Небе-Земя-Сърце.


Awakening The Illuminated Heart Meditation Workshop

Host by: Ron  Sirchie
Start: Jul-27-2018
End: Jul-30-2018
Queen Village, Philly

If you are reading this, most likely you are realizing huge changes continue to take place, allowing Humanity the opportunity to awaken to full potential or Christ Consciousness.

I am honored and with Drunvalo's blessing to be a facilitator for his life's work in the field of human consciousness, Heart Coherence and MerKaBa Science. Drunvalo has shared with us timeless teachings that range from ancient text to world's Indigenous understandings and today's top scientific community especially in metaphysics.

Our class is designed to assist you on many levels to go "within" yourself and awaken to your full potential, centered in a very specific place in the Heart.


Awakening The Illuminated Heart - Hong Kong

Host by: Lu Ka
Start: Jul-26-2018
End: Jul-29-2018
Inner Space
Hong Kong


ATIH čtyř denni seminař v červenci 2018

Host by: Marie Pavel
Start: Jul-26-2018
End: Jul-29-2018
Rudná u Prahy

čtyř denni seminař, čtvrtek až neděle.
(udanné datum je fiktivní, bude upraveno později i místo bude upřesněno).

Spojte se s Danielkou, dekuji.

Ko-ordinator - Daniela Hannah
[email protected]
+420 736 201 587


Retiro en Bacalar, Despertando el Corazón Iluminado - Julio 2018

Host by: Adriana Garavito
Start: Jul-26-2018
End: Jul-29-2018
Casa Corazon, Costera Bacalar

“Este taller te proveerá de todo lo que necesitas para entrar a tu Corazón y crear la vida que deseas solamente desde el amor. Para apoyar este proceso, partes del taller están dedicados completamente a la sanación incluyendo una hermosa Ceremonia de Sanación de grupo. Durante los siguientes días serás guiado a activar tus Tubos de Luz que generarán un Halo alrededor de tu Cabeza. Esta activación incrementará y desarrollará tus habilidades psíquicas, así como abrir tu 3er Ojo. Como resultado final del taller, tu Merkaba natural que es tu Cuerpo de Luz se activará de forma permanente en un instante..." Drunvalo Melchizedek



Host by: Iryna Eysmont
Start: Jul-27-2018
End: Jul-29-2018
Sedona Advanced Healing Experience

In this three-day intensive workshop I invite you to work deeper with your Inner Child, emotional and mental bodies to integrate your Remembering into your day-to-day life. Stay in your Divine Power and live from your Heart resolving your fear based memories with Love.
Remember you are the Star. You don’t want to be “an extra in the movie of your life”.
It is my big joy to see fire of happiness in your eyes and your Hearts. It has been, and continues to be, a lifetime of research and Remembering how to stay in your Heart and co-Create with those who are around you in the moment.
This will bring expansion into higher consciousness as individuals and as entire Humanity.



Host by: Karuna Chapman
Start: Jul-26-2018
End: Jul-29-2018
Aptos near Santa Cruz

It all starts in your own heart. Presenting the life work of Drunvalo Melchizedek in a small class setting. All of Drunvalo's teachings on the Merkaba, Living in the Heart, and Co-creation from the Heart will be given in this four day workshop. Using the group energy of unconditional love, these teachings become easily absorbed and on the last day the Merkaba will be generated automatically and permanently. We will start to remember who we truly are and we will be able to create consciously from the single eye of the Heart. My Blessing is to illuminate the path for you to amplify your light 1,000 times.



Host by: Wolfgang Lehmann
Start: Jul-26-2018
End: Jul-29-2018
Inselreich (Haus der Energie und Bewegung)

Gemeinsam bringen wir die Blume des Lebens in uns zum Erblühen und öffnen unsere Herzen für die Wahrheit, die unsere Seele nährt und für echte geistige Entwicklung sorgt. Unser Leben darf sich transformieren und mit Schönheit, Harmonie und Vertrauen füllen. Wir finden einen Weg zurück zur Einheit in ein höheres Bewusstsein, in dem wir das Hier und Jetzt unter der Führung des Herzens positiv gestalten.
Seminarinhalte sind die BEGEGNUNG mit der Heiligen und der Kleinen Kammer des Herzens, die ÖFFNUNG des dritten Auges und die AKTIVIERUNG des Heiligenscheins und der MerKaBa.


Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Host by: Iryna Eysmont
Start: Jul-21-2018
End: Jul-24-2018
Sedona Private Event

Entire Humanity, entire Universe moves in direction to Remember who we are in connection to something bigger than just physical life.
ATIH is an ancient science of Heart and to my knowledge is the most centered, grounded and natural safe way to go through the process of awakening that has been used through millennia.
For some returning to conscious living can seem like awakening while being burned at the stake or being along in a middle of busy-selling crowd. It is not easy to recognize genuine information out there, but in your Heart you have a compass which will guide you on your journey the most joyful and exciting way.


Despertando el Corazon Iluminado

Host by: Enrique Guardiola
Start: Jul-21-2018
End: Jul-24-2018
Shambala Centro, C/ Pintor Muñoz Barberan 24
El Palmar (junto a Murcia capital)

Este taller de 4 días se realizara en El Palmar, junto a la ciudad de Murcia, durante los días 21, 22, 23 y 24 de julio de 2018.

Horario: Cada día de 9:30h a 18:30h.

Precio: 350€ , que incluye la inscripción en la School of Remembering.

Para más información o realizar tu inscripción contacta conmigo por correo electrónico ([email protected]) o por teléfono (+34 605783720).

¡Hasta pronto!



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