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Drunvalo’s Classic Volume II

Auroria Genie Joseph is wonderful in this personal interview with Drunvalo.  Drunvalo brings his inner thoughts on spiritualism and many other subjects to the light.

Drunvalo discusses:

  • His formal education and his spiritual background and studies.

  • His Green and Violet Angels

  • The Flower of Life Image

  • Earth History – Atlantis

  • External Mer-Ka-Ba field and Mer-Ka-Ba breath

  • Dimension Shifting

  • Importance of the Higher-Self connection

  • Communicating challenges between the sexes and why this is happening

  • Egyptian Mystery Shools, Right and Left Eyes of Horus

  • Thoth and Immortality

  • Sacred Geometry – Crop Circles

  • Geometry and Sacred Sites and the Christ Consciousness Grid

  • Inner-Planetary Connection – The Greys

  • The Pole Shift – God’s interaction.  Unreliable prophecies – Electromagnetic Null Zone – The Mer-Ka-Ba vehicle – Preparation

  • The Children – Psychic children in China – Gifted Children – End of Reincarnation

  • Purpose – Drunvalo’s three objectives on Earth

  • And More.


About 103 minutes