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Drunvalo’s Classic Volume III

A tale of Crop Circles in England.  Drunvalo traveled to England and walked within and studied the Crop Circles, living in England for over a month.  The result is this DVD explaining what he found to be true.  Remarkable information!

Drunvalo discusses:

  • How the Druid religion influenced the Christian religion

  • How, why and who is making the crop circles

  • Why the crop circles are in the crops

  • How do crop circles effect humans

  • Meditation with Merlin

  • Insights from the Druid religion

  • Jesus-Avebury connection

  • Ascension

  • First Christian church

  • Abby of Glastonbury

  • Celtic burial grounds

  • Lands’ End Ley line

  • Dragon Lines and sacred sites

  • Temple of Abydos, Egypt

  • Worldwide images of the Flower of Life


About 118 minutes