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Translation and Interpretation by Dr. M. DOREAL

This is one of those very special books that contains more than the truth, but also illuminates the return pathway to Source.  THOTH, the author, is a man that has spent his entire life searching for Wisdom, and his life has been extremely long.

THOTH is a member of The Ascended Masters, a spirit who has found eternal life, and has dedicated all of his attention to helping others find their way to eternal life.  This book is his gift to his children.

It is written on 100 levels of consciousness.  If you read it now and wait a year or so and then read it again, it will seem like a new and different book, for as you change in consciousness, you will understand and interpret his words entirely from a new point of view.  And then a new level of this book reveals itself, and in doing so, shows you the way to move to another level of consciousness.

Dr. M. Doreal was a master of the Great White Brotherhood, and in his connection with THOTH was asked long ago to interpret the EMERALD TABLETS, which were written in Atlantean and then translated by Doreal into English. 

The EMERALD TABLETS are written in the left column of the book, and have not been edited, but kept exactly as Doreal originally translated them with THOTH’S assistance.  We did not change one word.

In the right column is Doreal’s understanding of THOTH’s words and concepts to attempt to help the reader grasp concepts that have long been lost to most of the world.

If you are considering traveling to Egypt, this book is mandatory before you leave.  If you wish to obtain eternal life, this book is a blessing.