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Awakening The Illuminated Heart Meditation Retreat

Hosted By Ron Sirchie


Host by: Ron Sirchie

Start: June 14 2019
End: June 17 2019
Queen Village, Philadelphia


The awakening process is unique to each individual. Our workshops are hosted in safe, healing environments. It is very important for each individual to feel comfortable and safe, in order to open their hearts.


You will learn many levels of metaphysics, human consciousness, the Light Body a.k.a MerKaBa, Energy Healing and much more.

This is a 4 day retreat, a commitment to yourself which will instantly benefit all aspects of life.

- You'll learn multiple powerful meditations taught to us by the world's spiritual teachers.
- Learn the two very special places in the human Heart for which we meditate from
- Activate and work with your psychic bars and the 3rd eye
- Activate the Merkaba using your Heart.
- Connect to Higher Self
- Experiencing a full Healing day.
- Meet like Minded / Hearted people
- Learn many energetic healing modalities.

TO INQUIRE and receive sign up packet. PLEASE PUT MERKABA or ATIH in Email Header

Coordinator - Shannon Winter Sirchie email - [email protected] or 215-888-6303
Facilitator - Ron Sirchie email - [email protected] or 215-307-7464

Ron Sirchie 
United States

Phone: 215-888-6303 ask for Shannon
[email protected]

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