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Awakening The Illuminated Heart - Shanghai

Host by: Lu Ka
Start: Nov-22-2018
End: Nov-25-2018
Shanghai China China


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Host by: Iryna Eysmont
Start: Nov-23-2018
End: Nov-25-2018
Sedona Advanced Healing Experience
Sedona Arizona United States

In this three-day intensive workshop I invite you to work deeper with your Inner Child, emotional and mental bodies stepping beyond stories of paradox’s time lines to real understanding of Creation and graduating from our duality experience into non paradox of Reality experience.
Remember you are the Star. You don’t want to be “an extra in the movie of your life”.
It is my big joy to see fire of happiness in your eyes and your Hearts. It has been, and continues to be, a lifetime of research and Remembering how to stay in your Heart and co-Create with those who are around you in the moment.
This will bring expansion into higher consciousness as individuals and as Humanity.


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Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Utah

Host by: Dmitry Glukhov
Start: Nov-22-2018
End: Nov-25-2018
Salt Lake City Utah United States

The knowledge presented in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop is Drunvalo life’s work and in my opinion is one of the most profound teachings on the planet today. It’s a blend of both modern and ancient science with complete understanding of human consciousness, a map for the ascension process to the next dimensional level as well to bring quality to your 3D life you live today. It is a profound and yet simple way that is natural and complete.


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2018年11月のATIHワークショップ in 東京

Host by: Sarah Yokokawa
Start: Nov-22-2018
End: Nov-25-2018
Ikegami Jissouji Temple
Tokyo Japan






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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Host by: Jens Glende
Start: Nov-22-2018
End: Nov-25-2018
Waasmunster East Flanders Belgium

The Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop will be presented by Jens Glende and his wife Mariela in Waasmunster, East Flanders, Belgium, in English on November 22-25, 2018.


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Start: Nov-22-2018
End: Nov-25-2018
Bucharest Romania

Trezirea Inimii Iluminate este un proces de autocunoaştere, vindecare şi restaurare a unor părţi esenţiale ale corpului de lumină uman. Puse cap la cap, activarea conexiunii dintre creier şi inimă, a razelor de lumină ale haloului uman, a celui de-al treilea ochi, precum şi a câmpului Merkaba, reprezintă reasamblarea unui întreg motor al creaţiei „la purtător”. Orice act de creaţie autentic, stabil şi nepolarizat, poate veni doar din inima, în urma înţelegerii mecanismului prin care ea este capabilă să ne atragă un întreg univers de resurse. Fără reabilitarea rolului major pe care inteligenţa inimii trebuie să îl ocupe în ghidarea destinului uman, viziunea asupra realităţii rămâne trunchiată


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