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Conversations with Drunvalo.
Episode 0001. Cal Garrison

Author & Editor and Chief of the Spirit of Maat

Conversations with Drunvalo is set in a typical hour long talk show format. The uniqueness of course is in the content. 

On this first episode that was filmed in April 2012, Drunvalo talks with Cal Garrison, an author of six books, an astrologer and the editor-in-chief of Spirit of Ma’at Internet magazine. 

The varied topics range from solar flares and their effects on us and the rest of the solar system, the strange Earth sounds being heard all around the planet, the activities of the magnetosphere and the subtle effects this has on us, plasma discharges, large spheres adjacent to the sun, the creation long cycle coming to an end, the ascension process, higher consciousness without the need for technology, the potentially impending pole shift and, of course, the celebration that must follow. 

These pre-recorded versions of our eventual LIVE broadcasts are now available to you so you can enjoy the evolution of the show and enjoy Drunvalo and his guests discuss very timely topics.

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Release date: June 9 2012
Duration: 45:9 minutes

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